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My husband Les was diagnosed in October 2015

We manage every new sympton as it raises its head and we are so grateful that he hasn't had a fall yet The first guest ion the doctor asks is have you had any falls

The latest sympton is I suppose you would say being afraid

He had a night or 2 that he couldn't sleep and even felt nauseous so now he thinks he will always feel like that and is frightened to go to bed

Can anyone make any suggestions please

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How old is Les & what meds and/ or supplements is he taking?


Hello He is 75 he takes Madopar 4 normal ones a day and 7 slow release

He has these as the pain restless legs are very bad without them


After reading some of your other posts, it sounds like he is depressed and/or has anxiety and possibly needs a med change along with an anti-anxiety med. Mu suggestion would be to get a second opinion with a movement disorder specialist. It usually takes awhile to get an appointment, so if it does, ask them to get you a sooner appt. when someone cancels. I don't know much about Madopar so hopefully others will chime in with their opinions.


When you say "normal ones", do you mean 25/100 (i.e. Madopar 125)? Are the slow release ones also 25/100?

When does he take each tablet?

How long has he been on this dosage?


Good morning 9284

I have had signs of for 30 years diagnosed for 12. The way Les feels about going to bed i had for maybe 2 years before i was able to feel good about trying to get some sleep. I had restless leg. It would bother me so bad i could not dose off. Requip (ropinirole) took car of that. I having feelings of despair and depression are common for me. Every day from 3 pm to 6 pm i get depressed and my meds do not work well or not at all. I will last for a hour or two and then i feel good. Try to get Les to relax drink a glass of wine or a beer and keep the mood low, I don't watch or read the news and my wife does not talk about any thing negative. She loves to talk about everything that is going on in the world but she talks to the kids and friends not me. I love for her to relate and talk to me but we don't because of the PD. We talk during the day but not when i am down. Sex is always a good way to distract


Also be patient and keep calm he will feed on your emotions if you are clam he will be.It may take a month or two but he will learn to deal with it.

Good luck


Thank you I try to get him to not think about what sort of night he will have

I hope you get through things


I found valerian root was helpful for getting to sleep. 500 milligrams before bed. It is an over the counter herb. Note - it has a bad smell but that does not persist once you get it down.


Thank you Ill see if I can get some


Read book mucuna versus parkinson treatment with natural levodopa by Dr Rafael Gonzalez. Available amazon make sure u ask for english version.

My husband is taking mucuna to treat Pd and so are a few friends with Pd. It stopped restless legs and takes a scoop before going to bed and sleeps well for a good 4 hrs then needs another 2 teaspoons and goes straight back to sleep. had pd for 5yrs come off sinemet only down to half tablet 3 times a day and the rest is controlled by mucuna 4 book and calculate dose bit tricky but worth it.he uses Zandopa.

Good luck.

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I have a friend wirh pd and restless leg syndrome and he has a terrible time with it . Where do you purchase Mucuna and what are the side affects..?


Read the book it tells you all you need to know and what drugs are compatable. You can get it from ebay or amazon zandopa by zandu


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