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Meds not working after starting taking at bedtime


My sinemet worked fine for quite a while but I was having trouble sleeping due to stiffness so I began to take sinemet CR 200/50 at bedtime. Once I started doing this my meds during the day dropped off. They used to work for 4-5 hours each dose but now they only work for 2 hours each dose. Has anyone experienced this and if so what can be done about it? Should I stop taking the nightly sinemet and then have insomnia to get my meds working again? Please help me with this one.

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As a suggestion you could take a half a pill or a third of a pill at night and try that. I started taking half a pill before I go to bed because I was shaking.

rhenry45 in reply to parkie13

I will try it. my neurologist told me to start taking sinemet at bedtime and a big dose at that. It was the worst idea I have been told. I am going to stop taking it. Do you think my meds will go back to the way they were?

parkie13 in reply to rhenry45

I wish I knew, I have no idea. I'm just going by some of the stuff that different members said.

Coot18 in reply to parkie13

my sinemet

25/100 CR orally hour before bed

25/100 regular release under tongue if I wake up with symptoms (usually 4-5 am)

25/100 rr under tongue 2pm

was able to eliminate one 25/100 using medical cannabis

tried sinemet only then cannabis only need both

exercise and cannabis lotion for muscle pain and stiffness

medications for tremors and gait

eliminated selegiline

I am having a similar problem - I've been taking the same dose at bed time and finding that also taking sinemet during the day does nothing for me.

I have found that the extended release cd/LD tends to be more affected by food digestion. If It feels like I am not getting the benefit of the Rytary about 1 1/2 hours I take an immediate release cd/LD and I get up to speed in about 20 minutes. Food in my stomach seems to be the primary culprit of the meds not doing the job. I try to finish eating 1 /2 to 2 hours before pill time.

sinemet 1 hour before or 2 hours after meal if taken orally

this is preferred

if need sinemet can't wait 2 hours

sinemet regular release under tongue

direct into blood stream

mine tastes ok

I've been uncertain of the benefits of taking sinemet before bed but aware that over time it can have nasty side effects. I'm supposed to take one pill every four hours (9 am 1 pm 5 pm 9 pm for example) but instead I take 1.5 pill at 9 am same again at 1 pm and 1 pill at 5 pm. Then after dinner and an hour before bedtime I vape a little medical marijuana (a strain called midnight, 50/50 THC/CBD) and I enjoy a solid night's sleep.

bcowart in reply to Woolysock

DOes the MM decrease pain? Tremor? DO you wake up feeling ok? I feel pretty terrible upon awakening. Where did you get the MM? I have 3 local MM dispensaries here in Berkeley. DId you try sublingual too? I guess caping is faster, right?

The answer to your first three questions is Yes.

I wake up feeling fine and w/o tremor. I get my MM from Tilray or Medreleaf, licensed producers here in Canada. I vape and use drops. Vaping acts almost immediately and lasts for maybe two hours. Drops take an hour or two to act but last as long as 8 hours.

rhenry45 in reply to Woolysock

Thanks. What kind of drops? I do not understand.

Coot18 in reply to rhenry45

diagnosis 6 yrs ago

first two years sinemet, azilect, selegeline

started CBD/THC blend 4 years ago

reduced sinemet, eliminated other two

tried MM only

still need some sinemet

MM helps with relaxation

selegeline actually an antidepressant

These are the drops I use:

try CBD lotion if you can get it

great for stiffness and muscle pain

Thanks, I will try it

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