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What do you take for tremors? Im on a levadopa but it doesn't help my tremors. Thinking of maybe taking cannabis but I'd rather not get high if I can avoid it. What do you take that works for you?

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I don't take anything! I used to take Selegiline and before that I took Sinemet and Symmetrel but none of them do anything fr the tremors.

Do you have the resting tremor or the Action or Essential tremor?

With the resting tremor you will find that if you clench your fist or stretch your fingers out as far as possible, the tremor stops. Therefor you can hide it if you want to.

If you have the action or essential tremor, as I have, you will find that if you concentrate hard on what you are doing and you do it slowly, the tremor disappears. I can write properly, when I concentrate on each letter and do it slowly. The same goes for bringing food to my mouth. For that, in order to make it easier I hold my fork or spoon differently. I hold them facing me, not pointing away from me.

Try to do things differently, thus avoiding the subconscious brain.

Hi John

Have you tried mannitol yet? It isn't a medication just a sugar l am very impressed so far only 3 days in reduction in over all symtoms

I live in South Africa and have tried to get hold of Manitol from health shops and chemists but with no success.

I would like to know more about it and how it helps to deal with Pd. Does it slow down the progression or does it temporarily alleviate some of the symptoms. If so, how does it achieve that?

Hi John

I ordered mine online from England I live in Australia from Blackburn Distributers cost with delivery for 1kilo was around $80 should last for ages at 3 teaspoons a day

Apparently helps with a healthy gut and also reduces brain inflammation I woke after my first dose with improved movement and tremor

Only 3 days in so hoping that it will continue to work

Certainly worth trying as as long as you don't over do the intake there are no side effects apart from maybe increased gas production

Lots of positive information on the web let me know if you need links

Yes please!

Sorry keep trying to send different links and somehow I'm pasting the same will try again tomorrow

Hi John, I'm in france and get my mannitol direct from in US. I take 1 tablespoon once a day. I recommend it.

Hi ! I live in the US and my computer won't even bring up a web page for Isn't this strange ?


ohh, thanks !


If you're taking mucuna can you still take this?

Despe in reply to Rosabellazita

Absolutely. My husband takes both with no problems.

Links please

marcet in reply to ryanJames1

Do you still takes 3 teaspoon of mannitol per day? Does it help in reducing your tremors ?

Hi ! I've taken a level tsp 1x daily, and haven't noticed mannitol still working for you ?

I believe so as I can still roll over in bed which I believe it first assisted with Also general over all improvements with Ceylon Cinnamon taking it twice daily with honey with warm drinks

So that's good. I take some cinnamon too, but just a pinch...maybe, I need to be a bit bolder, and increase the amounts of both. Among other issues the tremor bothers me the most. Thank you.


Yes I think 1 tsp of Ceylon Cinnamon twice a day iis worth while!

I am not too bad over all but I am very self conscious about my tremors as well....

Thanks !

see easilly's of a few hours ago

I don't quite understand your response!

2bats in reply to ryanJames1

Hi Ryan, I just came across your post and wondered what is working for you now?

I’m off the meds and on a Keto Diet but stil have no strength... Best regards, Phil

ryanJames1 in reply to 2bats

Hi 2bats

I take Mucuna, NAC, mannitol, small dose of thiamine hcl, I have recently added ginkgo biloba which I believe has had a positive effect on my tremors

I also use an inexpensive vibration machine for fitness as well as walking the dogs

I tend to have burst s of activity but always factor in down time to re group and relax

Hope this helps

2bats in reply to ryanJames1

Thanks for the quick response. Mannitol seems to be unobtainable in the UK, but I’m going to try the Ginkgo - might help the Reynaud’s too...

ryanJames1 in reply to 2bats

I get my mannitol from the uk as above would definitely recommend 😊

alaynedellow in reply to 2bats ships from US very reliable supply

2bats in reply to alaynedellow

Thanks Alaynedellow - I did get the Mannitol from - not convinced it is making any difference to the tremor though!

Lynne1946 in reply to JohnPepper

I only have tremors,but I am taking 14 250/200 Leva dopa/Carbadopa per day plus Primapaxole 4 times a day. I decided to have DBS surgery because I still can't control the tremors.

I am not on any meds as yet diagnosed 2 1/2 years Just 3 days into starting on mannitol ( 3 teaspoons 3 times a day) I have noticed some reduced tremors

Where do u buy it

I ordered mine from Blackburn Distributers in England I live in Australia

Dose should read 1 teaspoon 3 times a day

Can it be taken with mucuna


Hi Natalie, CBD oil from Cannabis will not make you high. You could also try organic virgin coconut oil for tremors -- 1 Tablespoon twice a day. You can start with less until you get used to it. It's a saturated oil that is rather rich. Once you are used to it, you can work up to 4 Tablespoons daily, or even more.

Hi Natalie

Should read 1 teaspoon 3 times a day sorry

Sinemet didnt touch my tremor which is only symptom i have so far...stopped taking it. I also donot want to get high but heard it needs a little thc in the cannabis to help tremor. I want to try it also but if its legal where u live ur lucky..need a medical marijuana doctor to prescripe it. So u get thr right strain.

Cannabis stops my tremor in 5 minutes. I also control it with 1/2 tablet sinemet tablet twice a day and mucuna purins. I only take the cannabis at night - one or two puffs of a vape and the tremor stops. I also swim and do cycling exercise.

marcet in reply to Allyn

What form of cannabis are you taking ? With or without thc ?

With because non of it is legal where I live. I would like to try good CBD to see if it works

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