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A friend like Lindsey


Brook Alley is a pub I go to occasionally that makes me feel better about having Parkinson’s. The reason I go there is not necessarily to drink my miseries away but it’s more to get relief from the physical and chemical symptom of Parkinson’s that I experience every day

That symptom is depression. Or more specifically anhedonia which is the inability to experience pleasure

Depression is a symptom of Parkinson’s AND I also get depressed because I live with this condition so it’s a double whammy

I generally don’t like drinking because I have problems with side effects from the medications that I take to treat these symptoms. These side effects are behavioral issues that are extreme inhibition and severe impulsiveness that makes me out of control if I drink too much

So why do I go to a pub if I don’t like to drink?

Because of one person

Her name is Lindsey. She is the manager of the pub. She not only accepts that I have this condition but she accepts me as a person and looks after me as well making sure that nobody bothers me or that I’m okay to drive.This amazes me because she has no connection with Parkinson’s outside of her friendship with me. I only hope that all pwp have someone like Lindsey in their lives.

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Your story touched me. Give my regards to Lindsay for being human above all.

I know how it is. Most of the times when I wake up in the morning I feel that everything is in vain and I'm ready to give up. But then I say "this is not me. This is chemistry" So, I think of my patients who depend on me for support. I have a purpose in life. No, my purpose is not helping others. It is about helping myself. About knowing myself. About re-inventing myself through others. PD is not an obstacle. It is a self-awareness tool.

So, next time you think that you get no pleasure out of life, just tell yourself "this is not me. This is chemistry". Because, my friend, your topic is all about pleasure. As a matter of fact, this pleasure has a name: Lindsay...

Depression and Pd go together. I was able to control my depression by doing High Intensity fast walking. That may sound beyond your ability but it is not if you go about it properly. Begin with only five or ten minutes every second day and slowly build up to an hour every second day. that might take a year, but when you get there your will be a lot fitter and healthier than you are now.

I like to have a glass of wine with my wife each evening, and it is good for both of us, but I am lucky, I have a wonderful wife.

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