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Commonly used drugs affect gut bacteria


Commonly used drugs affect gut bacteria

March 19, 2018

The research team screened over 1000 marketed drugs against 40 representative bacteria from the human gut, and found that more than a quarter of the non-antibiotics (250 out of 923) affect the growth of at least one species in the microbiome.

[I wonder if any of the medications induce bacteria associated with PD , MS, etc?

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It would only take a 'pesticide or similar toxin' (carried in the air we breathe or food we swallow) to knock out, or alter a particular bacteria 'type x?', creating an environment within the gut where the more dominate prevalent strains of bacteria, prevent or fail to provide a sufficient balanced environment, to allow and enable, the 'damaged or lack in that 'type x' to recover in sufficient numbers.

Plus a little virus carrying the resulting 'various codes' (covering the PD spectrum,MS etc.) to folding alpha synuclein in the rogue protein imbalance, around the rest of the body and into the CNS.

Job done!


You state important ramifications.

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