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Amantidine. 100 mg


I just started with this and have amazing results

Diag 1 year ago. Taking 2 tab of C L 3 times a day. Dyskinesia was awful. Finally got this. I’m still adjusting 1 tab 2 x a day still have some tremors but dyskinesia is all but gone. I also started probiotics & b12. About same time. Hope it keeps improving. I might try 3 x a day n cut down on CL

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I too responded well to amantadine, still take 100 mg twice per day. Helped my walking incredibly well at first.

Is it expensive to get this RX?

Idofotos in reply to RS313

Not sure I use the VA.

Hope the link works

That is the clinical name for amandine

I was taking that for my dystonia, 1 tablet 100mg 4x a day. Now since DBS it's more to keep my dyskinesia at Bay.

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