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Needles n pins in feet in the morning


Hey so I've started having pain in the bottom of my feet a couple of months ago. It's mostly when I wake up in the morning and it feels like pins and needles shooting up my feet. It's almost a numb feeling. I also hurt or over did it, to my back, around the same time I noticed this. I don't know if I have a pinched nerve or something else. Has anyone experienced this condition?

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I think it’s Peripheral Neuropathy- deadening of the nerves in hands ( sometimes) and/or feet ( I have this too) Your brain tells you your feet are freezing cold, but they are warm to the touch. I think it’s caused by Carbidopa but Google it. Carbidopa needs vitamin B6 to be effective and it takes B6 from your body 😱which affects your metabolism. That was one of the reasons I started on Mucuna - that, together with the dyskinesia.

Thank u for replying. I do have the cold feet feeling that I've had for years. This does worry me bc I think I hurt or pulled my back in January while lifting on barn tin. I have heard of pn and I guess I need to go the doctor. I'm 37 and healthy but had a horrible wreck in 2014 so nothing seems right anymore.

Yes I have and I went to the neurologist who thought I had a stroke and I went to a masseuse who cured the condition calling it sciatica

Thanks for replying. I'm hoping this can be simple to cure and hope to get better. I'm 37 and I have a 2 yr old so i have no time to hurt.

If it is sciatica, a physical therapist can show you a few very easy exercises that will strengthen your back and resolve the pain. I have a slightly herniated disc and get pain and electrical type of feelings down my leg and lower back. These easy exercises really help. I rarely have to use advil for pain relief.

You do want to see a doctor though to ensure you are not at risk of permanently damaging the nerves in your spine. If you do have herniated disc bulging enough to cut the nerve it can result in permanent drop foot that will require a foot brace.

Thank u for replying. I hoped I didn't have anything but its every morning. I hope its sim poll leaves and can be resolved soon

My periphial neuropathy started with herniated disc problems leading to pins and needles in feet and fingers, I now have dropped foot and numbness in both feet not helped of course by fatigue that comes with PD.

Thank u for replying. I'm not familiar with PD but I guess or hope it can b resolved

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