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Contaminants in protein powders

The Clean Label Project recently tested 134 of America’s best selling animal-derived and plant-based protein powders for heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury), over 100 pesticides, BPA/BPS (plasticizers that are known endocrine disruptors), residual solvents, mycotoxins, melamine and its analogues, and antibiotics residues.

The result of the study is that many protein powders had significant levels of contaminants and overall, plant-based protein powders had higher levels of contaminants than those made from animal sources, containing on average twice as much lead and measurably higher amounts of other contaminants.

And the most shocking part is that organic powders had up to 1.5X more arsenic, up to 4.8X more cadmium and up to 1.5X more lead.


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All of which lends a lot of credibility to those who are against supplements because they're not FDA approved. I recently read an article, and I'll try and find the link, that reported 44% of all supplements were not what they claim to be. No wonder they work on some but not others, i.e., it depends on who you buy it from. When a supplement works for one a boss we ought to make a point of saying who the supplier is, just as when a supplement doesn't work, we should make it a point of saying who the supplier is.


> 44% of all supplements were not what they claim to be

That figure arises from an improperly done study. I investigated that matter in detail here: tinyurl.com/y8m6moaj

and debunked those figures. The vast majority of suppllements have exactly what they say they have. I only looked at things like vitamins, minerals, herbs and their extracts. I did not look at protein powders.


Thanks Park bear. That's good to know. It sounded little high to me but, I don't really know.


Hello park_bear

The only way to know what is correct or true is to do the testing yourself. Every thing here is suspect. And what facts you come up with you should suspect because our nature is to find what we are looking for and we tend to find it. When we would do bench loops to set elevations of our bench marks for surveying two people would read the numbers on level rod and we never told what we read. If we did the second person would read what we told them. Even if i was a foot off. On one loop a person made a 1 foot bust and they reread the notes at least 10 times before i did and i caught it the first time i read it. It is because they were the ones who wrote it not because i am good i had not seen it before. They did the same thing to me.

Trust nothing that you do unless some one you have had any contact with your entire life comes to the same conclusion.

I know this you know this. You don't should like a lemming to me.

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I use subscription site Consumerlabs consumerlab.com/index.asp which does independent testing of supplements.


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