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I believe my husband, age 50 has parkinsons how do I get him to go to doctor?

We've been married 27 yrs. Both 50. He is 3yrs sober. When younger he always had 'the jimmy leg" at night, never could smell. As of late I've noticed him shaking, trembling, like when eating, fork to mouth. Making nosies, like when eating or noises anytime to which he hums it out, like he was huming all along. At night very loud. Our teenagers said they hear him yelling out. His balance seems off at times as well. Maybe he knows its Parkinson but doesn't want to acknowledge it. But there has to be meds or things he can do to help himself. Advice or suggestions welcomed!

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I asked my family doctor if my tremor meant i had parkinsons. She asked me if I really wanted to know as nothing could be done! I insisted and got a dx from a neurologist. Once I had the dx I could plan. I retired a little bit early. Started to learn what I could about PD. Only started meds after 4 years. It is now accepted that you can delay progression of the disease by vigorous regular exercise, and probably by choosing good nutrition. I do that and have a good quality of life and a supportive partner. So my view is that anyone with good reason to suspect they have PD should find out asap and if dx start planning and taking action. There are far worse neurological problems. You can go online to check out what symptoms to look for - the Parkinson's charities all have good online help.


It depends on how much his symptoms interfer with his life. There are some meds that can offer some help with some symptoms. Have him see a good neurologist.


NOPE , It depends on how much his symptoms interfere with YOUR life.

Tell him he is being childish and make him see your family doctor with you attending and ask for a referral to a good neurologist.

Find a PD support group in your area and go talk to the "care givers" wives . You will need help and support and advise on how not to run yourself into the ground.

many lives affected here not just his, he should understand this and the fact that he needs to consider how he will cope if alone.


Get him diagnosed ASAP the sooner the better. There’s good evidence out now that we can arrest the conditions with an early start on some treatments.


"Do you really want to know since nothing can be done???" HELLO!!! Earth to doctor, try opening a book - maybe learn something about your profession, wouldn't that be a more novel approach? Unbelievable.

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It maybe worth trying to make sure any possible nutritional deficiencies are crossed off as a starting point before going further. It can be because of poor absorption, not necessarily because your diet is poor. Vitamin B12 deficiency can have similar symptoms to parkinsons and tends not to be even checked by most GPS. Recent research showed that people given supplements in early stage parkinsons (without medication) benefited. Try a really good supplement such as Life Extension 2 per day capsules (they need to contain folate NOT folic acid and B12 as methycobalamin). Also a high-class omega 3 oil Which has EPA and DHA. Good luck


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