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Benefits of Cashew Nuts in Parkinson’s Disease

Anacardic acids (AAs) are alkyl phenols mainly presenting in cashew nuts. adult male rats were treated orally with AAs (1, 3, 10, 25, 50, or 100 mg/kg/day) 1 h before rotenone (3 mg/kg; s.c.) for five consecutive days. The behavioral testing strategies, including tests for general locomotor activity (open field), motor coordination (rotarod), and spatial memory performance (elevated T-maze), were carried out.

These data suggest that AAs have promising neuroprotective action against degenerative changes in Parkinson’s disease.


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My hypothesis is that compounds found to be neuroprotective (like nicotine) effectively compete for binding sites and inhibit the autoinduction process = neurodegeneration. Therefore, these compounds could be effective at slowing down or stopping the degeneration process altogether. Healing is a whole other matter.


I love cashew nuts. so this is good news! I especially like the raw, unsalted ones. Unfortunately all nuts are high calorie, and I am trying to lose a few pounds to decrease pressure on my arthritic knees, so that I can exercise without pain to hopefully stop PD progression, so I limit myself to a handful once every few days. Everything is related, alas.

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You will find that there are a type of research group that do studies that result in statements about the curative properties of many things. These statements are very news worthy and the press loves them. The study itself does not often stand much peer review. The animal tested is not a human but is instead a rat. The rat does not have Parkinsons because rats do not get Parkinsons. They put the rat into a Parkinsons like condition for the tests using drugs and other devices so that in the end they have actually analyzed nothing that has anything to do with Parkinsons. Unfortunately with the notoriety gained they are awarded financial support and go off to discover more wonderful things. The papers are usually not published in respectable science journals. Not trying to diminish your enthusiasm but reports on the curative properties of Coconut oil and most of the other things that are talked about here only benefit the health food stores.


You are right. The doctors and the scientific community are very cruel and greedy (except a small percentage ). They try to find out opportunities in the people diseases to earn money


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