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Nilotinib in Parkinson's Disease (NILO-PD)

People with Parkinson’s disease are being recruited for a new clinical trial testing nilotinib, an FDA-approved leukemia treatment, in a range of patients.

The two-part Phase 2 trial called NILO-PD, is a randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled study taking place at 25 sites across the U.S. Part one will evaluate the safety and tolerability of different dosing levels of oral nilotinib (150 mg or 300 mg given daily) or placebo in about 75 people with moderate to advanced Parkinson’s symptoms for 8.5 months.

Enrollment information for this study, which runs through October 2020, is available by clicking following link.

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Me,66 diagnosed PD in 2011 say about 10 months after retirement & on medication since then. I had Retina Detachment surgery, Cataract surgery, I am not sure whether these were related to PD. But I am living life enjoying Drinks to avoid family tensions. How long this life is going to support a PD body .Relish what you have.


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