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Good review:

"During ER visits or hospitalizations, patients with PD come into contact with physicians and allied health professionals with little expertise in PD, which may lead to significant challenges throughout the inpatient stay. It is therefore important to recognize and address disease-specific challenges that may impact optimal inpatient hospital care for patients with PD."

Inpatient Management of Parkinson Disease: Current Challenges and Future Directions.

Odinachi Oguh, MD and Aleksandar Videnovic, MD, MSc.



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Good article. Hospital is risky for PwPs. The Parkinsons's charities have done good work on trying to improve things.


I recently had elective surgery. Not on meds at that time. I came out of a long GA in a confusional state resulting in commotion in the recovery room as I tried to get off my trolley! I knew the risk and had discussed it before with the anesthetist but they were still caught out and I had some minor complications. More of a concern my PD symptoms progressed noticeably. But I needed the surgery to have any hope of getting fit so no regrets and so far so good :-).

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Yeah I'm not sure what the point is here. ( my fault not yours.)

But when I visit hospital for any other reason the medics, 90% of the time say it's just your Parkinsons and refer me to my next PD consultation.

At that consultation the neurologist refers me back to the other "medical experts."

The ultimate diagnosises turned out to be..to mention a few.......

Enlarged prostate .

Sleep apnea.

Macular degeneration of the left eye.

High blood pressure.

Irritable bowel syndrome.


No I'm not an hypochondriac...

Having P D stops anyone from moaning about their' symptom.

Ha ha .


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Its about hospital admission not so much diagnosis. But I take your point!


Thanks Kevin 51.

It takes some sinking in with me .

I live in my own little world now.




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