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H pylori

Does anyone know about hpylori? I've had a long standing history of gut/acid reflux issues. Test for h pylori came back positive. Dx with PD last year. Not on senimet or other meds yet. Do I treat the hpylori? Given the association with a healthy gut microbiome and pd, I'm reluctant to assault my gut with the triple antibiotic therapy needed to treat the h pylori. Suggestions anyone?

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About 50% of humanity harbor helicobacter pylori. Yet the prevalence of peptic ulcer disease is only 5.6%, lifetime, in one study and 4.1% in another. A Chinese study found a 73% prevalence of H. pylori but only 17% of peptic ulcer. So an infected individual has only an 8-23% chance of developing disease.


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Thanks parkbear. I know it's common. There is research to suggest it can interfere with the absorption of Ldopa, so I'm wondering if I should treat it? As I said, not on senimet yet. I tried it a year ago but no response to symptoms. I have progressed and may give it another try soon.


Regarding your trial of Sinemet, what times of day were you taking it, and what times of day, if any, did you take a multivitamin or B complex?


I took it 3 x daily titrating up from half a tab to 1tab 3 times a day on an empty stomach. No b vitamins taken at that time. All up for a month only. No noticeable change. I'm tremor dominant.


And I take it you have a one-sided resting tremor.


Yes left side postural and resting tremor/muscle twitching


Our internal biome is known to affect the processing of levodopa. One of our members reported that got messed up after taking a course of Keflex. I have not looked at the research regarding H pylori and levodopa. If you have and find it convincing, that would be reason to undergo the antibiotic treatment to eradicate it. There is no obvious reason why your course of Sinemet should not have worked.

While we are on the subject, the controlled-release "CR" version of Sinemet is much better for most people than the immediate release version, which first gives you too much and then too little.


Efficacy of Probiotic Supplementation Therapy for Helicobacter pylori Eradication: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials.



The problem is the associate of H pylori and gastric cancer; by the time gastric cancer is diagnosed you have lost a step


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