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Let there be lightAt its simplest, it’s a bucket lined with bulbs. But light therapy is yielding promising results for Parkinson’s sufferer

Has anyone tried this? We'd bought a really inexpensive brood lamp that has the required spectrum, but it's not easy to use. The intranasal device is kind of expensive.

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Cannot read the article as The Australian wants you to subscribe first.

Can you copy/paste it here? It sounds interesting.


If you're referring to the Vielight device, yes they're expensive but they will give you 80% of the price back if you return it withing 6 months, if it doesn't work for you.


Hi I have made a light bucket and have been using it for 15 minutes a day ( which be a little too short) as my gets hot. I have not seen any obvious improvement in symptoms but will persevere for 6 months it's s bit fiddly to make but it only. Ostsvaround $38


Two interesting links which lead to many more. I hope you find them helpful.


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