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I AM A MAN (sorry)

My house has both a living room and a family room. The family room became the dining room and the living/dining area became a great room. In that great room is a family friendly computer which is the info processing center for the whole group of us. Everyone has their own computer but me.

There is a bewitching time for me that lies between 3am and 5 am where anything can happen. I am not in control of my actions at this time. My wife knows this but does not want to treat me like a child ( although I feel like I am becoming one again), so she monitors my online activity. When I discovered she was monitoring my post and I found this a particularly great option to let her know what is going on with me. This allowed her process the news in her timing and in her own manner. I have become very unclear in explaining myself. My daughter also is concerned for my well fare so she monitors my posts also.

Our lives have changed so much with my PD. It is hard to not be in denial for both me and my family so little doses of truth mixed in with light hearted banter makes the medicine go down.

still not done. ( I THINK )

If the corrupt were smart

is a draft folder available ?

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What meds do you take? Perhaps one or a combination is causing more problems than it/they resolve.


8 years after being diagnosed I am on 3 sinemet cr a day, along with 1 pramipaxol cut in half once in the morning once at noon. 3 Amantadine and 200 mg sertraline in the morning. I have dropped the Azalect, Rytary because the insurance will not pay for it. Now they want to send my meds via mail and keep making my life hell with their nonsense. They can not wrap their little minds around simple concepts like a steal mail box with a western exposure can reach a 160 degrees in the summer. Who wants to store their meds for hours at a time at these temps and not expect degradation.

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