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Vielight Gamma


Today I received this device which I had placed order after consulting Daniel Johnstone of Sydney university who has done research work on Neuroprotection against Parkinson's disease with remote photobiomodulation. Although the device is approximately 10 times overpriced, it is worth it if it gives the results.

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please let us know the result

I will share the results after a few weeks usage

Hi Iqbaliqbal Please kindly update me on the vielight

no noticeable effects so far

Hi iqbaliqbal. Firstly thanks for all yr wonderful posts.

I’ve done quite a lot of research into this light idea. Pls google max burr bucket light. He’s made he’s own light contraption with help from Sydney uni. There was an article in the Australian recently.

I’m interested in hearing which device you decided to get and why. Do you follow Gary sharpe and outthinking Parkinson’s which is his site. He’s an amazing doctor who tries all sorts of therapies to help himself. We ve already bought the smoveys rings that he uses and they seem very helpful with balance and gait etc. I wrote to him and asked what was the most beneficial thing and he said his light glasses. I think they re called propeaq ? He swears by them and he even charts his progress so it’s not just a vague idea he’s feeling better. He’s more scientific than that.

Pls keep yr posts coming !!

following is the image

it costed me 1700 USD

it's vielight Gamma which emits near to infra red light. it contains headset as well as nasal device

My husband has been using the VieLight 810 for over a month and it has done wonders for his memory and sleep. It costs $499 and they will refund your money less 20 percent if it doesn't work for you in 6 months. They say you go back to where you were if you stop using it after about a month. it is wonderful and has brought happiness back to both of our lives. His is the nasal devise only. It started showing results in around two weeks. He can now drive again when before I wouldn't have gone with him anywhere. He is reading books, playing chess, and doing things that he had totally stopped doing due to dementia..

The main reason for this amazing improvement is because the light energy emitted by that device is stimulating the cholinergic neurons. These are the neurons that produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is the most important neurotransmitter in the whole entire brain & nervous system. It's the main neurotransmitter that is responsible for memory.

Those cholinergic neurons are located just behind the nose in an area called the nucleus basalis of meynert.

I would be really curious to read some medical journal papers on this subject. It surprised me at first that this thing could have such a significant effect. But, if you think about it, what you're doing is stimulating those neurons. You end up upregulating the production of neurotrophic factors that are required for the health of those neurons. A similar effect can be achieved with a very hot bath or sauna, you end up stimulating the brain and neurons.

The device emits energy that can penetrate maybe about 1-2 cm into the brain tissue. Since the nose is really the only area that grants decent access to the brain, that's really the only place for it.

One important thing to note here is that a mouse brain is much smaller than a human brain, so if you test this device out in rodents (using a rodent model of dementia or PD) then you're likely going to see more dramatic results in the rodents compared to humans. The 1-2 cm depth will reach a significantly larger portion of the rat brain when compared to the human brain.

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I do have direct personal evidence that cholinergic system is affected in Parkinson's because when I took the anticholinergic meclizine walking became more difficult.

PS. I know we have corresponded here before. But, i was told that the head system works for the immune system and the nasal devise works on improving the brain.

Hi, I am using a near infra red device homemade...since January, ten to fifteen minutes a day....haven't seen any improvement but will keep going...please let us know how you go

As I have mentioned in my initial post that I had contacted Daniel Johnstone the originator of experiment of NIR (near infrared light) on mice. His reply was as follows

"I am familiar with the Vielight product, but it has not been trialled for PD. However, it does seem to be one of the more reputable ones on the market. The good thing is that if it doesn’t work within 6 months, you can return and get most of your money back.

If you’re interesting in making a home-made device, you might want to look at the instructions on

This year, my group will also be looking to develop some prototypes and repurpose existing LED panels for the purpose of treatment, but this is still a little while away.

Best of luck


copy-paste from another email

"Hi Iqbal,

I do not know of individuals who have used the Vielight for PD. I only know that they often a substantial refund on the purchase price if you are unhappy with the device.

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend a device that will work for PD with confidence, as there have been no clinical studies yet. The Vielight seems the best of the commercial devices. The home-made bucket has also been successful in some patients, and is by far the cheapest option.

We are running a few trials starting soon, so will let you know more as it comes to light.


I have been using the Vielight and thought, this isn't helping, I will go for the money back option. Checked it out and realised I had only been using it for 2 months. I have 4 to go. Then I gave it some thought. I am sleeping really soundly. If I wake I go back to sleep quickly. I forget I have Parkinson's for about 70% of my day. Yesterday I forgot to take my medication at 11am and went from 7am capsule till 3pm. No 11am. Can't say it's working, can't say it's not.

I am feeling good. Not perfect, but not bad.

Which Vielight device are you using?

I have the Gamma. I emailed the company that makes it and asked their advice. It was recommended I use it for 6 days then 1 day off until I have improved sufficiently, then once every 2 days.

I've mentioned how well the VieLight 810 has worked for my husband. He doesn't notice the huge difference I see, because he was unaware how of bad he really was. He doesn't have good insight as to how he feels. He knows he is "better", but it takes his friends and I to say just how much. Typically they will say, "You are looking good!" I expect that you are having results you are unaware of. When you say you sleep better, that is very important.

Which symptoms of PD does the light improve? Most of my issues are non-mobility problems - speech, swallowing, memory, some tremors.

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Sorry, I just realised I didn't reply. My problems are tremor and slow movement in my right arm. Now and again my right leg is a bit of a problem, I can hear my foot dragging a bit. I don't have speech or swallowing problems. I haven't used the Vielight for over a week, gave up again, but today I was really struggling with energy and haven't been sleeping well. Just used the Vielight again and I feel 'better'. Like I have had a nap. I have more energy and feel happier. I do believe the Vielight helps memory. When I was using it regularly I had many memories pop into my head of people from years ago for no reason whatsoever. I think it does help, it is just that it is subtle. I would prefer a wham! effect. I thought it wasn't working, but after not using it for a week I seem to deteriorate.

One interesting thing I found is that Red Light Therapy does not go well with Antioxidants (like NAC) within a few hours of applying it. According to experts part of the mechanism that RedLight works is by increasing ROS (Reactive oxygen species) , so NAC will prevent this. Taking antioxidant supplements the next day probably won’t diminish the benefits.

Hello iqbaliqbal

Is the 10% discount still available? Do one have to order direct fr Vielight?

Thank you.


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Yes 10 % discount is always available from them. But I will recommend to avoid purchase as it's a scam

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Thank you for your reply. I am confused why not to purchase given the good response?

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