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Tremor trick

Fed up with spilling your coffee on the carpet whilst on the way to the table? I find that an effective trick is to hold your mug as usual using the index finger through the handle and the second finger under it for support, but instead of concentrating on the mug, wiggle your little finger and concentrate on that. You need to concentrate fully on the little finger whilst moving it, and it takes a bit of practice, as the tremor starts again as soon as your focus goes back to the mug. It helps me - I hope it helps you too.

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Great suggestion!!! As a chronic coffee spiller I followed your instructions perfectly, (index finger through the handle, second finger under it for support.) The third finger falls into place below the 2nd. , and now I must concentrate on wiggling the pinkie....... But wait,,,, the pinkie is hiding under the cup where I can't see it, can't tell if it is wiggling or "tremoring". Only one thing to do, must look under the cup. to concentrate focus on it. UH, OHH.........!! Must have left something out. Oh well , back to the old "Hold Saucer under the chin" method. In a more serious vein, thank you for your good suggestion. I'll try it.....



I will try that, My husband spends a lot of time chasing behind me cleaning up spills😜


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