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Draining the swamp. Really?

Revolving Door Between Big Pharma and Federal Agencies Keep Spinning

In related news, Kaiser Health notes that hundreds of individuals have “glided through the ‘revolving door’ that connects the drug industry to Capitol Hill and the Department of Health and Human Services [DHHS].”18 One of the latest is Alex Azar, former president of Eli Lilly and Company, who stepped into the position of HHS Secretary on January 24. As noted by NPR:19

“In that role, he'll oversee the Food and Drug Administration [FDA], which regulates prescription drugs including those produced by his former employer. He'll also oversee Medicare and Medicaid, which together spend hundreds of billions of dollars each year on prescription medications.”

According to Kaiser Health News’ investigation, nearly 340 former congressional staffers are now employed either by drug companies or their lobbying firms, and more than a dozen former drug company employees are now sitting on Capitol Hill and in various health care policy committees. Some of the most recent examples, aside from Azar, include:

Scott Gottlieb, former venture capitalist “with deep ties to the pharmaceutical industry,” now FDA Commissioner

Keagan Lenihan, former lobbyist for the drug distributor McKesson, now senior counselor to Azar

John O’Brien, former PhRMA lobbyist, now deputy assistant secretary of health policy for HHS Planning and Evaluation

Mary-Sumpter Lapinski, former lobbyist for Bristol-Myers Squibb, now counselor for the HHS secretary’s office

As noted by Jock Friedly, founder and president of LegiStorm20 (a congressional directory app that provides real-time data and alerts on congressional hearings, town hall gatherings and more): “Who do they really work for? Are they working for the person who is paying their bills at that moment or are they essentially working on behalf of the interests who have funded them in the past and may fund them in the future?”


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More like filling the swamp with loads of smelly poo...


Absolutely not surprising. Disgusting. Tragic.


after what I have seen the last 3 years I think its time

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Highest drug costs in the world

Are you surprised

Great again for who?

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They are working for their own self serving interests while the rest of are drowning in the swamp. All the agencies funding has been cut except the military whose budget has been increased. Since the freedom of the press is our biggest threat to Czar Trump he is he planning to use the military against them ? Shut the TV off and read !


I wish I could read but it is a lot of work, having to make sure you are understanding the context of the sentence.


his tweets that is.


Which sentence?


The swamp got bigger .


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