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Pain and restricted movement of arm and shoulders


Frozen type shoulder. I was am left side pd dominant. I have started seeing a chiropractor because of backache whilst walking. Now I have a real bad frozen type of shoulder arm movement restrictions on my right side ? Anyone any ideas?

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I had a steroid injection to ease pain allowing me to move shoulder then physio to correct shoulder position. I have used targeted exercise to keep it loose, moving without pain (though no arm swing) for 2 years. I started taking Sinemet 19 months ago which may also have helped.

I use hot cupping. A chinese treatment that works for me.

Hi Henry,

A Chiropractor therapy may be too much too soon(if you get my drift). It was for my situation and I have been lucky enough to find a Physiotherapist for massage and decompression of the spine; Which is often being constantly compressed by the contracting or spasm of the muscles throughout my back.

I hope you find comfort



Thanks Andy I’ve had a deep Physio massage today and feel very sore but she told me to expect that for a few days

Here is a link to my floor exercises for decompressing the spine that I often do to keep things in check.

The most important aspect of Massage therapy is to learn how to relax muscle tissue, and to establish an order (in domino effect) so that you can relax specific muscles when they suddenly go into unwanted painful spasm.

For my situation, Massage therapy is just as important as gentle exercise and a brisk walk.

Thanks I’ll have a look. That’s very helpful. Cheers

I wouldn't recommend a chiropractor for this. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and went for a few sessions before I was diagnosed as my shoulder was very painful and felt it caused more damage. If you have any inflammation then it is not recommended.

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Cheers for that your not the only one who has mentioned this. Cheers.


I have the same in my left shoulder . My left arm is where the pd freezes it and tremors and rigidity. Gp had put me down for steroid jab in meantime take ibuprofen. But went to Pilates yesterday (used to go but hadn’t been for a few years ) and my shoulder afterwards was much much better and had more movement. It is painful again but will do exercises from Pilates and see what happens.

Great idea I need to do more exercises. I’ve been unable to do what I would like but I guess I’ve got to push through it. Thanks for your help.

Yes I also agree with physiotherapy and persisting with the exercises they give you. I had a frozen shoulder years ago before PD diagnosis. Since diagnosis it has partly returned and my shoulder felt stiff and painful. With physio and special exercises, I've regained suppleness and it doesnt feel so uncomfortable. It's still an ongoing thing for me.

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Thanks ge1shh

I get painful and frozen muscles in my back, right side. L-Dopa helps relieve it. And Yoga practice. I recently started working with a yoga teacher who is really good at focusing in on my problem areas. Including core fitness training and balance. Yoga is great stuff.

Thankyou as I said I’ll give anything a try cheers.

My shoulder was frozen for 1 1/2 years. I started Sinemet and Dance for PD (dance first) and it disappeared like magic and has stayed away.

I don’t cycle and I’m not a great dancer but I do appreciate you thankyou

Please press accupressure points as indicated in the attached picture. You will find a good relief

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