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Apomorphine Sublingual Film Passes Phase lll Trial - New Option to Smooth "Off" Troughs

Apomorphine Sublingual Film Passes Phase lll Trial - New Option to Smooth "Off" Troughs

"Sunovion Pharmaceuticals’ below-the-tongue version of a Parkinson’s therapy was able to ease patients’ movement difficulties after the standard therapy levodopa wore off, a Phase 3 clinical trial showed.

"Apomorphine, also known as APL-130277, works by mimicking dopamine’s activity in the brain.

"Between 40 and 60 percent of Parkinson’s patients have ups and downs in their ability to control their movement. When they are responding well to a standard medication — that is, they are in an on period — they do all right. When their drug is losing its punch— or in an off period — they don’t do as well.

"In an off period, patients can walk slowly, experience tremors and stiffness, and have trouble getting around. There are several types of off periods. One occurs only in the morning. Another occurs when a treatment is wearing off. And it’s impossible to predict when some off periods will occur.

"Taking an oral medication is easier than other ways, so it’s the option most Parkinson’s patients prefer. But many have difficulty swallowing. Sunovion developed an under-the-tongue version of apomorphine to get around the problem of an oral version that needed to be swallowed.

"The therapy was still working 90 minutes after treatment, researchers. Patients tolerated it well, they said.

"At week 12, more apomorphine-film-treated patients were experiencing a full on response within 30 minutes of dosing than the control group."

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Will this be available in uk when passed?


Highly probable...


Hi PDConscience !

How is it now with that Apomorphine Study >>> Phase III totally finished.

And how did you value the posts and than those videos about Dr. Marty Hinz ??


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