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Post DBS Surgery


Good morning all! I am now 7 weeks since my DBS surgery. Yes! That is the answer if anyone asks if I am happy with my decision to have the surgery. I am now walking briskly each day, active with my bookkeeping clients, and have rejoined society as an active participant. I am also "in training" for driving the four hours it takes to get to my daughter's house. Yesterday, I "passed" the two hour driving test. I still take 10 regular sinemet, but have dropped the patch and 4 extended release sinemets. Best of all, my outlook on life has gone from that of a recluse to venturing out into the world again. Has it been easy? No. Has it been hard? At times. I am a strong person, so perhaps that has helped me. At the core of it is the drive to fight this insidious disease with everything I can muster. Don't ever give up!! Ever!! Thank you to all who have continued to support me with your notes of encouragement!! Have a wonderful day! Annie

P.S. Yes, my hair has grown - it is about 3/4 inch long now. Hooray!

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I'm very happy for you Mary

I am not familiar with the surgery of which you speak - can you tell me what it is and what is involved, please?

DBS is Deep Brain Stimulation involving the implanting of wires into a particular part of the brain and a connecting small battery pack under the left collarbone which permits stimulation of the brain, ultimately allowing withdrawal from some of your medications. Googlel DBS or Deep Brain Stimulation for more information or you can YouTube same and watch videos of folks who have had same. Hope this helps!

wonderful news annemarie shows us pd sufferes there is light at the end of the tunnel thank you are you in the states or is it nhs uk

Yes - there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am in Idaho.

just been looking at private coste in uk £30000

Oh my! I would hope that insurance would cover that!

in uk NHS which is state controlled

Congratulations. Thank you for sharing your experience. I looking into DBS and that is very helpful.

Good luck to you! Keep us posted!!

So glad to hear. Was just wondering this morning about you and if everything was ok.

Yes - I am doing well!

M1tz1 in reply to annmariebaird

So very glad, Annemarie. Hugs.

Great to hear your results, the best of which is your encouragement of others. Congratulations!

That is my goal!!

Awesome news!



Which DBS device did you go with?

I use the Meditronix device. That is the one my neuro advised.

Thank you...there is another one made by st Jude medical... not sure which one to go with. The neurosurgeon will do either the Medtronic or the st Jude my choice. I would give the new vercise device a shot but that manufacturer doesn’t have a contact with my Hospital

That would narrow it down for me! Although my neuro's recommendation might have more pull. Hard questions!

Great news. Good luck with the driving.

Wonderful news.

A wise decision. Working, driving, and much more. Wow !

I like wow!

i am scheduled for eval at swedish hosp in seattle end of feb. thanks for sharing your experience. i'm in alaska; very wary of the traveling, but am taking 25/250 c/l every 3 hrs- i need relief. saw a story this week on vice news about a musical instr being studied there driven by brain waves...

Alaska - where you have to travel so much! Being wary is okay, hope you don't let that get in your way. It took me a year to get all my "ducks in a row", so don't get discouraged. Keep us posted on your progress. Annie

Many thanks for posting as I have date in April for my DBS operation. Sounds very positive for you well done. Mind how you go. Al

One of my favorite inspirational quotes is by Guillaume Apollinaire

"Come to the edge she said...

We are afraid they said...

Come to the edge she said...

They came...

She pushed them and they flew."

Hi Al.... my DBS is looking like May for me! Best wishes to you. Have you decided on what device you are going with?

Nothing mentioned on this but have a final appt with surgeons in early march and will ask then. Good luck and best wishes. Al

It's so good to read your reports of the surgery and know that is working so well for you. I'm really happy for you.

Thank you!

Its so good to read your provress.i am going to do in many hour surgury n how long it take to recover?

I was in 6-1/2 hrs but each surgery is different. Recovery depends on how healthy you are before, and a million other conditions. At least six months, but it depends on lots of different things.

Hi Annmarie, I don t want to be negative but i hope you understand that you are extremely lucky, feeling so well after only 7 weeks! I am happy for you but i want to warn other people, that in most cases it takes more time to get this results. Often a period about 6 months, and in my case 4 years. I realize that i was unlucky and i am happy you re not, but i just want to let know that it is not realistic to expect these results in such a short time!

I agree that it can take longer, however, if you have followed me through the surgery, you would find that my success if based on what conditions I suffered through before. I hope I have not given the impression that this was a walk in the park, because it is a tough surgery to go through, but if a person can improve even a tiny bit, they are the winners!! I am tough and aggressive with my health and eat extremely healthy food, so I might not be lucky so much as prepared. I am so sorry it has taken you so long. Do you think you are better than before? Kindest thoughts to you! Annie

I don't know if i am better than before, because the DBS caused a new type of problems which i hadn t before. Walking was more difficult than before; freezing was new and a loss of balance. i don t know if i would be better without, since PD is progressive and you just can t tell. But these years were the hardest in my life, that s for sure!

I have not done what you have gone through but I told myself before hand but no matter what I was going to have the surgery because to not have it man I was getting up. What did you neurologist say about your condition afterwards. He must have experience with other people

Look this isn t about me or about you: i just wanted to warn people that it s not ALLWAYS that positive.

I understand. Kind regards


Great news, keep going

You are the force!

Great news. I had my DBS in April of last year I do it again in an instant good luck!

I'm very happy for you

Pls keep us updated ok?

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