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Parkinson's Movement
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I keep reading that Sinemet is only for movement. Then hoe come I can no longer eat or drink before taking it in morning anymore. I feel like it has affected my digestion taking it for over 4 years. Last yearago I could eat or drink a cup of tea before taken it as long as I left enough time between to let it work . I'm only talking snackslike a banana. Now I find it hard to even have water with my pills. I can still move around a bit

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The sinemet doesn’t like protein to be around when it’s trying to work. They counteract each other hence beet taken way before food.


I didn't take protein and it was at least an hour between. I'm only talking about cup of tea or fruit. I think it's the Sinemet use the longer I take the less I can do before I take morning tablet. I do feel Sinemet quickens the condition but that's my view only


Does sinemet quicken the condition, or does the condition deteriorate over time? As your natural supply of dopamine dwindles you become more dependent on sinemet for ordinary functions. Early in the morning is likely to be the most difficult because dopamine has dwindled over night, and as the condition progresses this becomes a bigger problem. The Dr Fahn videos available on You Tube explain all this rather well.


Time release dopamine or crushing sinemet in water. Anything used sublingually (under the tongue) works quicker.


My husband says it makes him nauseous. He still eat because it goes away after he has food in him. He looses his on time because he loves protein. He will sometimes eat less but drinking doesn't bother him.

We believe that Parkinson's affects the digestive system for sure. You will probably continue to have this issue.

Sorry for the bad news. Just facts of the illness.

God Bless!


You cant eat ordrink in the morning because your body is very low in dopamine. I dont think that is the sinimet causing you to run out of dopamine because you probably havent had any sinimet for 8 hours. However i believe there is an amount a person finds that is their optimum dose in 24 hours. After that it gets difficult to tell which is causing what and overdosing can look like under dosing. How much sinimet a day are you on Connie?


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