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Help ! I am not sure if my my symptoms are related to PD, glucose intolerance or something else?

Every once in a while I have anOFF-DAY. My brain will feel foggy, my balance will be worse, I'll feel more lethargic and I just don't feel quite right. For many years I have attributed It to Parkinson disease. However, in the past month I've made a concerted effort to eat more healthy. I have tried 2 eliminate gluten and processed foods.

About 2 weeks ago I was starving while doing errands so I got a bagel to go. Next day I had a fall, which is not unusual for me. I usually fall maybe 2 times a week. Could the glucose in the bagel have made my symptoms worse?

Then about 3 days ago, I had a cheat day. In the evening I ate 4 very small chocolate chip cookies. And unfortunately, the next day I had my typical off day.. Could this be from the gluten, glucose or is this a Parkinson's disease symptom??

I have not been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance but I have been to the gastro doctor because I always have a bloated stomach. I am a thin person with a pregnant looking belly. I had a CT scan, a sonogram and an upper endoscopy. No major reasons were found. I go tomorrow for a follow up with my gastro doc. I had originally gone because in December I was having stomach pains in the area of the gallbladder. Since then my pain have gone away. I think the gallbladder type pain was caused by my medication, Donepezil. I have since then switch to a patch form of medication.

I'm sorry if I seem all over the place.

Has anyone had what I call my" OFF DAY" symptoms?

What do you attributed it 2?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Milk does it to my husband. Used to have a capuccino for breakfast. He decided to stop having a milky drink for breakfast and has been much better.

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Could indeed be gluten intolerance or some similar type of gut problem.


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