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New Girl

I am new. My husband is 64 and diagnosed with Parkinson’s in March, 2017. He is in the early stage but he has had symptoms for several years...we just did not know it was Parkinson’s until the tremors emerged. He joined Rock Steady classes last fall and has found a great group of peers. I’m here to connect with others and look forward to learning and sharing.

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Hi, good to meet you. I think I'm registered here. I know I am on the Fibromyalgia one. My husband has PD. We've been married 55 years this mo., and I remember on our 50th he had the frozen face. I think he was diagnosed then but can't remember if he was on meds. yet, or a lot of tremors but he did later on but no frozen expression. The meds control tremors pretty well and he's keeping them low....generic Sinemet and Meripax I think. I take so many meds and I can't remember his two?! We go to a support group and that's both nice, to meet people, and disturbing to see some who have worse symptoms...in wheelchairs or bad tremors. I've learned that every case is different tho. Next mo. there will be a presentation on Rock Steady Boxing and I'd really like for us to try it butthe class is too far away. I'm hoping one will be nearer to us. My hubby is going to resume his exercise therapy class next mo.twice a week. We went a few years ago but didn't want to pay the monthly fee anymore. He has gainned weight around his middle...something he never thought would happen but his meds have increased his appetite. He has trouble getting up from chairs and bed now so I rigged up a strap for him to pull himself up with, attached to the bottom of our split adjustable bed. I think if he raised the head of the bed more it'd be easier. Once he gets going he walks ok tho can be off a bit. We both can be. I hope your husband continues to enjoy rock solid boxing. Talk to you later.

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