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Foot/Toe Pain

I read something today that may be of interest to those of you that have problems with their feet and/or toes. There is something called "Yoga Toes". The article said they can help PwP's separate their toes to help with pain & discomfort. Here is the info:

Yoga Toes are gel toe stretchers and separators for instant therapeutic relief for your feet and who, with PD, wouldn’t want to try some curling toe relief? yogapro.com/products/YogaTo...

This made me think of something else similar to these and they are called Yoga socks or Toe Socks. They also come in a compression toe sock that may help especially if you have swelling. You can look these up on Amazon.

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I have tried them with no improvement.


Ok, thanks for your input. I don't have problems with my toes, except for occasionally walking on my tip toes, but they looked interesting. Maybe they'll help someone?


I find the best management of my foot dystonia is to stretch my calf muscles while standing with my knee straight... runners style frequently. The absolute best is to kneel with my toes pulled forward toward my kneecap and pushed into the carpet. I try and hold it for 5+ min. Although it is painful to hold it is less painful than the breathtaking overwhelming grip that occurs with a full blown spasm. I usually do this during the night every time I wake up to pee while using a hand held urinal... 2-3 times per night. With “uringency “ and retention issues it usually takes me that much time to drain my bladder enough to get back to sleep if I’m lucky! Sorry for the graphic details.

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