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We have been abandoned by Pfizer

Read this:


It has nothing to do with Trump's tax plan. In short, Pfizer has determined that it can make even more profit by stopping all research into Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. I guess that the $2 Billion net income that they made in 2016 wasn't enough.

If other drug companies do the same -- then we have a smaller and smaller path to a cure.

We need to show Pfizer and others through our actions that this isn't acceptable.

We need to spread the word via social media that this isn't acceptable. We need to ask ourselves, our supporters, our colleagues and friends to boycott Pfizer products.

Pfizer makes a substantial amount of money by selling generic drugs. Ask your doctor to prescribe non Pfizer generic drugs. If you are a Viagra user (a big money maker for Pfizer) ask for a non Pfizer generic.

A little effort from this community could make a huge difference in our future.

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As someone who now pays close to 2k a month in Health Care related cost I would not mind a break. Health Care or a mortgage, you can get a lot of house for 2k a month.


Shame on them.


Just a few months ago Pfizer pulled together Parkinsons folks with their science and communications reps and Fox foundation and discussed a drug which sounded like a great replacement for other dopamine agonists. Already proven safe, they were not able to recruit enough of us with Parkinsons to finish their tests. SO VOLUNTEER for research and save them the extra millions of not being able to move to market. 80% of us say we will volunteer and about 20% of us really do.

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Hmmm .... Pfizer took the tax cut and gave it to the share holders.


I doubt any of these comments reflect the real and complete story....if a company can find a drug that can cure or control a disease, they make money on it. They aren’t a charity, they are a profit-making business. And thank goodness for that from all the people who invest their money with the idea of earning money (to live on), there would be NO research. I do NOT own Pfizer stock. A drug company, like all the investors want success with a drug that works, not money poured into a losing proposition. The tax cut remarker who somehow thinks that dropping research on a drug gives a tax cut🤣to share holders doesn’t have a clue how share holders earn money with stock.

According to the article which I do not take as gospel, Pfizer finally realized the research road they were traveling wasn’t going anywhere so made a business decision to stop wasting money. They have spent millions and millions of dollars over years and years of testing loads of drugs to no avail. Furthermore, even if they get a hit, by the time it can be verified with market experience, their patent is almost due to expire. Our government at work again.

So, since they have an obligation to their shareholders who fund all this research in the first place, they are calling it quits because they can’t justify spending all that money with no results. What do we expect them to do...continue to pour money into fruitless research?

As much as we need answers and cures, bad mouthing people who invest in stock is pointless. If we feel the need to place blame, Maybe we should look into the incredible regulations put on drug companies by the government and take them to task for making work difficult. Life Extension has a great book on this problem and the effect it has on the high cost of drugs....and they aren’t fans of Big Pharm either.


Hello this is who you referred to as “clueless “ on stock holders . Since I own many stocks I know how it works . We are both correct . As stock holders we want our companies to be successful. The price of stocks goes up that’s a good thing for us. If a company is losing money in an area they have to reassess as research in Pd is not a good money maker ,yet. Trump’s tax break and stop research on Pd a coincidence? I think not. Pfizer makes billions . Good to have a discussion please no insulting that’s what what’s his name does


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