Parkinson's Movement

Dad has PD, and he is getting some form of infection every 2 or 3 weeks be it a Urine or Chest,

it sends him into hallucinactions for 4-5 days, where we cant do anything with hm but have him in bed, we have to sit up with him as he rests for an hour or so then trys to get out of bed, then slowly gets better for a couple of weeks 3 if we are lucky then it starts again, the episodes are getting closer too, anyone else have experience of this please

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I have had 1(one) hallucination episode and it was because I came down off a medication too quickly. Have you talked with his doctor about this? Has he had any medication changes, changes in soaps, shampoos, detergent? Is there a possibility of mold in the house?Tic bite?

Sorry I can't be of more help!



Hi- I'm so sorry, I know how difficult it is to watch a loved one go through this. My grandmother had Parkinson's with a long history of UTIs & antibiotic use. With parkinsons urinary symptoms worsen due to the bladder not being able to empty all the way (at least that's what the drs told us). A supplement called d-mannose can help with e-coli bladder infections that aren't fully treated with antibiotics, it can also be used as maintance for prevention of bladder infections (its considered safe for use on the young & old and hasn't been found to interact with medications - but be sure to ask your doctor anyway for the ok to try!) Also, I would ask the doctor about giving daily doses of probiotics. They have powder types to mix with water, so another pill dosent have to be swallowed (which is sometimes difficult). Probiotics can help with all infections by strengthing our own internal gut-flora, where our immune system is located (after about a week of first starting you may notice worsening symptoms, but they go away in a few days. It's what some call the 'die-off' period of harmful bacteria in the system, so extra water to help flush out faster is good). I noticed, with my Grandmother ( who was really like a mom to me) juicing fresh veggies & fruit a few times a day really made a huge difference. We would give her 3oz. Cups of freshly juiced organic produce a few times a day... Her awareness improved as did her interaction with the family. We would also blow up a balloon and hit it around the room (on her good days) for a bit of fun, exercise and interaction. I wish you all the best...


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