Robert Rogers Ph.D Parkinson's recovery site. Results of a small survey done by Rogers

Laser light, amino acid therapy, ketogenic diet.

I don't listen to him very often. He did a small survey about what Parky's are doing and whether they are getting worse staying the same or getting better.

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  • Could you please sum it up for us?

  • Essentially, the guy interviews 307 people and reports that 56 of them reversed their symptoms and another 126 stabilized their symptoms using one of the three therapies. That means one out of six of reversed their symptoms and about 60% are not progressing, which sounds high to me.

    1. Light therapy - they call it photo modulation. He refers to a company that makes a light gadget that sells for $1,700. Ugh! I'm going see if I can figure out what the correct light is and will post a description. Maybe we can make our own for much less .

    2. Ketogenic diet.

    3. Dr. Hynes (sp?) amino acid.

    The rest of the tape was his reading dozens (or possibly all 307) individual statements as to what works for them, which I did not listen to.

  • Someone just recently from healthunlocked made a box with the lights for a lot less money. Be curious to know about what you come up with. Also there's a product for about $400 and use it with the same results supposedly. If you want to try something on the cheap here it is

  • Thanks have been on the lookout for one of these for a long time

  • #3 spelling - Hinz

  • I also remember a post recently from someone who built their own light apparatus. Maybe a search?

  • It was Jeeves who made the light box.

  • I listened to about three-quarters of it, I wish I would have taken notes. He mentions the three therapies listed above he was surprised about that very expensive laser light that goes up your nostrils. people that used its liked it and got good results. He talks about different ways achieving the ketogenic state, also you can buy ketones to put yourself in a ketogenic state. This coming Friday he's going to have somebody talking about amino acid therapy on his show. The survey was small about 350 people. If I'm not mistaken about 50 got Better about a hundred stayed the same. Then the second half hour was reading the city that people came from and what kind of therapy they were using. That's about it.

  • Anyone putting laser light up their nose should take precautions that none of it gets in their eyes. Personally I will pass on that little experiment.

  • What does it do?

  • In the nose I have no idea, but laser light in the eye can destroy exposed areas of the retina.

  • They're not lasers park_bear they're harmless led lights like you might put on your Christmas Tree! The expensive gadget at $1700 is made by a firm named Vielight in Toronto and is over-priced but well made. The intranasal application enables the beams to access the bit of brain that sits behind the nose etc. I made my own for about $50. I just tried too post a picture of my hat but this site doesn't seem to be friendly when it comes to posting pictures! I enclose the link on how you can do this and the link has quite a few pictures of my hat and others.

    Actually I was emailed by the ex-Australian politician Max Burr last week, who is really the guy who kicked all of this off and you can read about him and this therapy by typing his name and Parkinsons into Google. His take home message was 'it'll mitigate some symptoms but I still have PD and still have to take some levodopa (although less)'.

    BTW Eliza Jane, on this site, has bought one of the Vielights. I must write to her and ask how it's going.

  • How are things Jeeves? Are you noticing any improvement in your symptoms since using the 'hat'?

  • Well I’m no worse. I use so many things like Mannitol and supplements and exercise it’s hard to know which is making the difference. But Max tells me that you won’t recognize progress weekly but that in say 4 months I could look back and notice gradual improvement but I think one would need to keep a weekly diary for that?

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