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DBS Surgery


Thanks for letting me join this group. I’m writing this for my husband who is having DBS Surgery Jan. 26,2018.

My question is are there any certain things we should know like miscellaneous items he should take to the hospital?

Also any other helpful things that might make it easier for him while he’s in the hospital, or even when he gets home.

Thank You!

Jay Avis

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Take a good book for you. He will be busy! It’s a long wait, but we’ll worth it. Godspeed Jay.

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He will wonder why he waited so long. I had DBS 7 years ago and got my first battery replacement last year. Now I know I need to have my left side brought under control. The surgery was a piece of cake, recovery was fast and painless,but....I have moved and this surgeon insists on shaving my head. I know - it is stupid to wait.


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