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Recently dgnsd not taking meds; small amount of tremor;dragging right leg;pins and needles in hand;aches and pains;taking q10 ceylon cinnamon and coconut oil; wud nac ;mannitol etc help or shud i go with meds; taking plenty of exercise; seems to help:any help wud be great thanks

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  • Hi Jimmydook,

    It's not medication OR supplement. It's medication if it works, if the side effects are not unbearable, AND a reasonable list of supplement that have not been studied thoroughly by Big Pharma because they are cheap and cannot be financially acceptable. That is the case for mannitol.

    Exercise is the only proven "supplement". Not to mention this Group ;-)

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  • If you have a Rock Steady Boxing near you, I would go there 3/week and think about low dose of meds. My thinking is the sooner you take action & the harder you work out, the longer you can delay the progression. If that requires taking a low dose of meds, than do it.

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  • I agree with laglag. exercise 3 times a week doing High intensity interval training and walk every other day. By walking ,I don't mean amble, I mean at a reasonable pace ad work up to walking 7km.

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  • If you are able to stay off the meds you will be doing yourself a favor. Look at my profile and see how I ave managed to overcome many of my symptoms and live a normal life again, medication-free.

  • It took me four years to get on meds - I was afraid & held out for as long as could but finally surrendered - the meds were a life changer - for a minute I forgot I had Parkinson's - it depends if its affecting ur life , I personally held out as long as I could as there are always side affects but worth taking for me - I'm so sorry you got this , it sucks !

  • Nothing wrong with taking meds if they help your symptoms. I couldn't work without them. Keep up the exercise.

  • Welcome to the prime argument: to medicate or not to medicate.

    First you should understand there are two purposes for medication: 1st to slow progression, 2nd to treat symptoms. If you can get by without the 2nd, so be it. I agree that exercise is the best treatment for symptoms. Move it! Move it! Move it!

    But still I would suggest strongly:

    1) Make sure you have a neurologist who specializes in and is current on PD.

    2) Get on Azilect. I have been on Azilect for four years with no side effects AND HAVE HAD NO NOTABLE PROGRESSION.

    Now some will point to studies that say it slows progression by disparate amounts. To which I say, any slowing is better than none and you (like me) could be on the high end of the bell curve.

  • I agree. Take azilect straight away as it may be neuroprotective. It will also help with your symptoms and may be all the meds you need for a while.

    Also take some magnesium, b vitamins and look into my personal favourite NAC. ( you'll have to google it as it's too long to type!).


  • Welcome! Yes, I would highly recommend regular exercise, with stretching exercises included. Before I was diagnosed, my symptoms were very much like yours. They were like that for about 4 years or so, before I had some progression. Because we lived in a small town, with no specialists, and my GP thought it was probably just benign essential tremor with me, I didn’t get diagnosed, till we moved to a large city, where I was referred to a neurologist, movement disorder specialist. By that time, it had been about 8 years, and I had resting and essential tremor, spread to both sides, foot dragging, pins and needles in both hands and feet, and a number of other motor and autonomic system symptoms. All that time I had taken no medicine. I was put on Sinemet and another medicine, and it has given me a lot of relief, so that at least I don’t shake much and I can walk a bit better. So, my viewpoint, is that if the symptoms start interfering with your daily life, like it did with me, a lot, then maybe low dosage medication would be of help to you.

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  • Hi Jimmydook

    Welcome to this community.

    Keeping active helps protect both your physical health and your mental health. .Do engage with more social activities.Walk more often.Eat healthy and organic foods.Find an experienced Neurologist who work in Movement Disorders field.Get a 2nd or even 3rd opinion from neurologists.

    All the best

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