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daughter with what may be PD early symptoms

The following is written by daughter Nellie.

I have been having sporadic muscle spasms in my legs or arms. Sometimes it happens everyday, I can also go a couple days without any. I have been diagnosed as celiac and just recently with a milk allergy. I'm open to any suggestions. Should I ignore these symptoms, as my doctor suggested, or is there something I should be doing?

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You already know the answer Apergerian : it could mean a large variety of conditions, beginning with "simple" anxiety. She should try to calm down, certainly to have some regular physical activity - the harder the better - and maybe try some Magnesium supplement.


The symptoms are not PD. Chelated magnesium is worth a try, also B vitamins have helped me for cramps. Symptoms like that should never be ignored - if it persists in spite of her various efforts she should see a neurologist.


Hello I think doctor can help. Also I suggest you Google magnesiumlife.com and Biohawk.com.au Good luck

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get her completely off gluten products and dairy...sensitivities and allergies keep the body in a constant state of stress and causes secondary symptoms


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