Happy New Year Everyone

You - this group - are among the best things that happened to me this past year.

Sometimes, I wonder if PD doesn't enhance intelligence and kindness.

Remember me of a story I was told. On his deathbed, Georges Orwell, the highly respected author of "1984", was asked what message he would like to send to the world. He answered : "Be kinder to each other".

Happy New Year Everyone.

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  • Right back at you, Xenos.

  • I heard that was said by Aldous Huxley but the sentiment remains intact. Happy new year. Cheers!

  • You're right. It's Aldous Huxley and... he was not dying :-)

    As the saying goes : "Trust, but verify" !

    Cheers !

  • I think that we should all try to be kinder to each other, it sure beats being selfish and unhelpful. Happy New Year everybody!

  • And to you John. I'm a fellow South African. It is my husband who has PD. Was diagnosed 2 mths ago. Can't sit, stand or walk and battles to swallow. Sinemet and Madopar sent him into a deep sleep as if anaesthetized. Is better on Carbilev ( 1 tab 25/250 morning and night and 1 tab 25/100 midday). Still in pain with rigidity. He was an ultra-distance marathon runner; 6ft 3 inches and heavy boned but now thin. Can no longer lift him into a wheelchair. Any advice to help? He doesn't complain but is clearly sad at being confined to bed full-time. Your comments would be so much appreciated.

  • Have you tried deep brain stimulation

  • He's 80 and frail, 1182. I don't think the DBS procedure would be easy at that age but thank you for the suggestion.

  • Hi. This makes me very sad and helpless. If he is unable to move then exercise is not even an option. I have no idea what to suggest to you, other than prayer. Can he not relax his muscles at all?

  • Bless you, John. Now he is on the newly-introduced higher dose of Carbilev, there is a slightly better reaction when we turn him in bed (he still grimaces in pain) and I'm hoping that in time the medication will improve his situation. It hurts to see this once-sports-mad man confined to bed (he had his permanent green number for the Comrades marathon and once rowed in the sea all the way around his native Denmark.

  • My mother was confined to bed for most of the day for several years due to severe RA. Her joints basically fused due to the disease damage (no bend in the knees/very little elbow flexibility). My father figured out a way for one person to pull her up from bedside to a standing position that was not as difficult as lifting. You basically use your legs as leverage and gently pull the person up until they feel steady on a walker or then lowered to a wheelchair. Much gentler on the helper’s back and my mother found it to feel more stable than ways health workers tried to move her around.

    Once my mother was in that upright position at her walker with wheels (standard walker with wheels and armrests — not one of those seated wheeled ones), she could scoot her feet and slowly walk laps in the house for an hour or so. She could not stand or walk without some type of support. She also did exercises in bed, which were basically flexing/squeezing muscles. This helped her battle muscle atrophy.

    From a mechanical help standpoint, I have known of persons using a lift to move the person. We never had or used this type device, so I cannot speak to the pros/cons.

  • Thank you so much for your detailed reply, Christin313. In October that's basically what we were doing with my husband. Then he was hospitalized three times in November and his blood pressure plunged. From inactivity he lost the very little mobility he had with the walking frame. The sad thing is that he was diagnosed so late. A running injury had affectedchis walking badly for some time and when PD climbed in, it was assumed that his walking difficulties were from that inju

  • I wish you all the best, M1tz1. Please don’t give up hope. If he can flex/squeeze muscles while in bed, or someone can help him move (if not too painful for him), maybe he can slowly regain some strength.

  • Thank youvand bless you, Christin313.

  • Sorry to add even more, but another thing we did (for my parent with PD) was install coated ropes, connected to a hook on the wall, or to heavy furniture. It allowed him to gradually reposition himself without assistance. Looks and sounds odd, but it worked.

  • Happy New Year to all of you! I try to follow the golden rule: Treat others like you want others to treat you. I like your quote also....."Be kinder to each other".

  • Good morning to all.. Happy New Year. "Regardless of circumstance, I will strive to control my response"

  • Happy New Year to you!

  • Happy New Year to all! I’m hoping that this year will bring a breakthrough in research that helps those of us who suffer from PD!

  • Happy New Year! Thanks everyone for all they have shared freely on this site. I have learned so much and appreciate it greatly. May this be a good year for all.

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