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If you were given a choice of 3 supplements, and no more, which would you all choose. If you're happy to share, possibly explain why? Thanks and hope that you're all coping with the challenges of PD.

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  • NAC, for it has been proven against PD

    Curcumin, for its anti-inflammatory properties and more

    Ceylon Cinnamon, for it could help neuron regrowth

    And I would stick to the mannitol experiment (I do not consider it a supplement)

  • How much NAC do you take?

  • 3 x 600 mg per day

    The experiment was done with 2 x 600 mg per day plus IV 50 mg/kg once a week (no oral NAC on the IV days).

  • Xenos. Do you feel that the inclusion of the IV aspect made a difference that most of us are unable to access? I think I’ve heard some questions about oral ingestion of NAC re. Efficacy

  • Hi Jeeves,

    Frankly, I have no idea.

    It's simply my best bet, based upon some real medical trials.

    And IV would be difficult to do. I wonder why more testing haven't been made.

  • Wot is nac please ?

  • "The natural molecule, n-acetylcysteine (NAC), with strong antioxidant effects, shows potential benefit as part of the management for patients with Parkinson's disease, according to a study published in the journal PLOS ONE"

    Have a look to the link above to Science Daily

  • NAC and magnesium would be my choice, as well as the probiotic Mutaflor.

  • Which type of magnesium and how much Astra?

  • Cod Liver Oil.....contains both Vit D& Omega 3's, Mag, & B12 Injection

  • Hi. How much mag do you take and in what form?

  • Neuro Mag appears to be the product du jour of late. I believe that it’s desigbed to cross the blood brain barrier effectively🤞

  • Vitamin B12


    Vitamin E

  • Allithiamine, magnesium and potassium. See my Profile for reason

  • Good post! I was wondering recently if having a non-tremor type of Parkinson's would call for some sups more than others. (It seems I have issues with gait, GI motility, speech and fatigue). Anyone know?

    Anyway, right now I choose Vitamin B12, C, and D. The D was recommended by my neurologist - one of the best out there - who told me Parkies have a lower amount of D than others. C helps my immune system deal with a chronic eczema, and B12 my HU advisors convinced me of.

    (I realize I'm leaving out magnesium, fish oil and vitamin E, but you said 3, right? :-) )

  • Yeah. Just wanted the strongest contenders? Is it D3 you take?

  • Hi Jeeves

    It is difficult as we don't have the necessary information to choice three supplements.

    In fact, for each supplement we don't know :

    - the minimum dose which influences progression of PD

    - the ratio between the orally taken dose and the dose which is active in the brain.

    As a matter of fact, the supplement first passes in the blood during digestion and after crosses ( or not) the blood brain barrier (bbb). A molecule must respect several criteria (weight, solubility etc) to cross bbb.

    As we don't know what is needed by the brain (example 100 mg/day) and the ratio between the dose ingested and the one which goes into the brain (example 10%), we can't deduce the dose we need to ingest (in our example 1000 mg/day)

    That being said, I take every day 200 mg L-Theanine to reduce my anxiety level and nothing to slow the progression of PD as I don't know what to select.

  • But you've done a good job of slowing it anyway eh?!

  • Vitamin D...soon after PD diagnosis my symptoms began accelerating rapidly. Vitamin D completely stopped my balance and stumbling problem. It also stopped my drooling. Also alleviated painful muscle contraction in my right arm due to dystonia

    Tart cherry juice concentrate...restored my ability to sleep naturally.

    Boron...if you have issues with arthritis, this mineral works wonders.

  • I tried your previous suggestion re. the Cherry Juice several months ago Sadly it didn't seem to help. But the Vit D comment is very interesting. Presumably we're talking D3? How much and how often for you Blackfeather?

  • Yes vitamin D-3. I take 10,000 iu daily for the last 4 years. Did you try tart cherry juice concentrate? Surprised it didn't work for you. It may take experimenting with brands and dosage amount. Good luck!

  • I’ll tell you what does work for me if you’re interested and that’s Valerian Root in liquid form. BTW have you ever NOT taken the D3 for a while just to see what happens?

  • Mannitol... and I will get back to you on the second and third ones by the end of january.

  • I take the Mannitol and must be about 2 months down the line. I seem to take dozens of supplements and thought that it was time I pruned my habit. Interestingly CoQ10 doesn’t get mentioned as much as I was expecting .

  • I agree. I take around 10 different things and it just becomes a huge chore taking them daily.

    The magnesium I take is called Basica and is a powder with a blend of calcium, mg and other stuff. It works like magic to relax the muscles - you can feel them relaxing and the inner tremor going away. I assume it's the mg doing that.

    My body craves it and I take a regular dose of 10mg plus extra when feeling twitchy.

    One dose gives 187mg , the 7mg coming from magnesium citrate which someone on this site had mentioned is the best.

    It is made in Germany and is really tasty. (They should hire me!).

  • Astra. I looked this up but couldnt find a specific Magnesium alone by Basica. Could you be more specific re. The product and maybe let us know where you get this from? Also, out of interest, what led you toward Basica in the first place? Best

  • It was given to my husband for anxiety and I took it when I ran out of my magnesium. It was so effective I've been taking it ever since.

    It has a whole range of elements in it including calcium, selenium etc. The pharmacist that gave it to him does this wierd test called an oliograoh where he puts a machine in your hand for a moment and it produces a report saying which minerals you have too much of and which not enough. I wonder if it's just hocus pocus but I am assured the method is FDA approved. (My integrative GP sent me for one after my neuro ridiculed the hair test that showed massive excess copper).

    I am spending a fortune trying to conquer this infliction!!

    I took a photo but can't work out how to insert it.

  • I'll play. Mucuna, 5htp and cysteine would be my 3. Together with cofactors they make up the foundation on the famous amino acid protocol.

  • Bass. Do you take regular Sinemet or similar with the Mucuna? Whilst I’m here I’d like you to know I’m listening to a lot of Bernard Edwards at the mo🎸

  • No Rx meds except Isradapine. I will never use sinemet

  • At this moment in time:

    Milk Kefir 1/2 cup daily, taken in two doses, morning and night.

    Mannitol 2 teaspoons daily, taken in two doses, morning and night. (Building up to 4 teaspoons daily - not there yet!)

    Coconut oil 75g daily, taken in three doses, morning, afternoon and night.

  • Almost every day one can find on the net a new supplement or drug which is supposed to slow progression of PD

    But we don't know if it goes inside the brain and if it works 😂

  • I think that the ideal response was like Astras whereby the ingestion really reduces symptoms and the person involved definitely feels it? I can’t say that I’ve had that sense from many of my supplements but it’s always hard to know how I’d have been without them. But I’d find it hard to argue with colleagues who physically notice a real difference, unless it’s the placebo effect.

  • When I take400mg. Of Ashwagandha from Organic India I definitely feel mentally "with it" .

  • Roger, Yes, a wonderful, encyclopedic website, but you don't point us to anything therein relevant specifically to choice of supplements. The hard slog is still up to us!

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  • Hi jeeves19,

    My choice would be,

    VIT D3

    Vit C

    Vit B12

    not only for people with any Auto Immune Disorder, but EVERY ONE.

    Because these vitamins are always low for those with an Auto Immune Disorder.

    And the rest of them, so that the chances of getting any Auto Immune Disorders or Cancer, may at least become less.

  • Agree, these would be my choice, except that I would take B complex along with B12 and add magnesium (not sure if there is evidence for Mg threonate to cross BBB)

  • Yes, faridaro,

    Agree. I take B complex one day, B 12, the next. Being a vegetarian, don't get much OF B vitamins. I take magnesium with calcium. But since only 3 were allowed, chose B, C and D.

  • Understand, the choice was limited. I added magnesium as a response to Jeeves' post regarding neuromag, but didn't make it clear.

  • i give my husband homeopathic liquid gelsemium 1m helps control twitching and drooping eyelids, just 4 drops twice a day

    acetyl l carnitine for energy

    l'theanine for sleep, but many more supplements

  • I take more than a dozen of supplements, (almost everything listed above :), but if I need to choose three ... fine:

    atremorine (it works for me)

    monnitol (2 ts),

    mucuna (2 g).

    – No, I don't take Sinemet.

    – Azilect, amantadine, NeuPro. Made an attempt to stop taking them, but failed.

    I believe that the best supplement I take every day -

  • I also take Azilect and Neupro and Rytary. But nasal glutathione absorption may work better. Read Laurie K Mischley's Glutathione Deficiency in PD. And check Fox Trials for her CAM study. Add your supplement history to a database of information. OK my 3 are Inosine, Lion's Mane and emergenC before heading to pool. Prevents foot cramps. By the way Azilect has a list of dietary restrictions. I am waiting to hear from Xadago directly about coupons.

  • 1. Probiotic brand Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra 13 species 15 billion cfu. Work up to 3 capsules a day

    2. L glutathione I take 500 mg. A potent antioxidant once a day

    3. Krill oil from the Antarctic 500mg one to two a day

  • Interesting. Any sense that your symptoms improve as a result of them (especially 1 and 2)?

  • I wish I could tell you yes but I just started the first two. As far as a quality probiotic is concerned. I have a new friend that is a microbiologist that works at a renowned laboratory in North Carolina. She recommended that one. Whether you have Parkinson's or not healthy gut bacteria plays a vital role in a person's health. There have been links to Parkinson's and the gut. I am battling tinnitus and vertigo on top of my Parkinson three doozies! I haven't found a specialist that's been able to help. I started the mucuna on my own as well. I recently set an appointment for the end of January to see a neurologist that understands mucuna so hopefully I learn something.. the glutathione was recommended by my new Wellness ( functional)MD. I will keep you posted

  • I left on mucuna since it's the only l-dopa I take

  • I've put my husband on many supplements but I think the most important are L-Glutathione, Co-enzyme Q10 and Tyrosine. I'm not experienced in this but am acting on what I've read.

  • natural calm magnesium, c, d3

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