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Pain from knees down to feet

My husband has tremendous pain from knees down to feet with burning in feet and toes. I searched and got some answers but they were from 6 years ago so I thought I would ask. He had this pain for almost 2 years and before he was diagnosed with PD a few months ago. Does this happen to anyone else? He is currently on Rytary. Thanks for your thoughts and insights.

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Has he tried magnesium? Not sure it is exactly right for his problem but no harm to try.

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Like many postings on this site, this subject has popped up before. Here are a couple of postings on peripheral neuropathy and, 'to cut to the chase', the three most prominent studies.

HU posts:



Methylcobalamin (co-enzyme B12) and R-alpha lipoic acid:

Meta-analysis of methylcobalamin alone and in combination with lipoic acid in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy.


Benfotiamine (synthetic thiamine derivative):

Effectiveness of different benfotiamine dosage regimens in the treatment of painful diabetic neuropathy.



I live with this pain all the time , but it is nothing to do with PD, it is in my case neuropathy of fibromyalgia and Diabetes. Has he been checked for these?


No diabetes. They thought he had small fiber neuropathy but had a skin biopsy and it was negative. Never checked for fibromyalgia. It happens worse around 3:00-4:00 a.m. toes are so sensitive and painful.


Consider CBD oil to lessen the pain.


I have pain in my left left leg all night so take painkillers plus i get curled over toes and cramp at 3am on the dot. However for the last week i have been trying tonic water and B12 tablets and things are improving. I start magnesium pills tonight.

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Thanks! Where do you get the magnesium pills? Prescription or OTC?


It sounds like he's suffering from neuropathic damage, is he a diabetic or had a stroke as I've got diabetes and had a stroke either of which can cause nerve damage ?

I've suffered from this complaint for 17yrs now and only in the last 2 have I got the pain under tolerable control.

I take pregablin 75mg twice daily, Naproxin 500mg twice daily, Omeprezol 20mg and oxycontine 40mg also twice daily and at night I take 60mg of duloxatine.

I've tried so many drugs over the years and it's a balancing act to get it to a tolerable level without becoming a zombie or just asleep.

Be patient but keep pushing until you find something that works for your husband.


I have been investigating possible mechanisms by which methylcobalamin & alpha lipoic acid may help in relieving peripheral neuropathy and concluded it is because of nitric oxide.

A Clinical Trial of Nitrosense® Patch for the

Treatment of Patients with Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

"Aims: Impaired nitric oxide synthesis has been implicated as one of the underlying causes of diabetic

painful neuropathy (DPN). Hence, effects of a cutaneous, nitric oxide releasing patch (NitroSense® Derma

Protect) were evaluated in subjects with DPN."

"Results: Subjects treated with patch experienced a statistically significant reduction in pain from baseline

when compared to placebo (PLS scale; p = 0.05). Defining responders as subjects with a > 50% reduction

in PLS score from baseline, the number needed to treat (NNT) was calculated as 3.0. A significant post-

treatment decrease (p = 0.009) in vibration perception threshold (VPT) for left foot after active treatment was observed.'

This study is the 8th one listed on this search page (it is a PDF file).


A logical next step would to test the Nitrosense patch on PwP.

The return of the Scarlet Pimpernel: cobalamin in inflammation II - cobalamins can both selectively promote all three nitric oxide synthases (NOS), particularly iNOS and eNOS, and, as needed, selectively inhibit iNOS and nNOS.


R-alpha lipoic acid,

"ALA plays an important role in treatment of erectile dysfunction by decreasing iNOS and increasing other isoforms of NOS."


Perpheral neuropathy as a pre-existing condition (or not), L-dopa therapy can only make it worse.

More Neuropathy in Levodopa-Treated Parkinson's Patients

"New findings show that neuropathy is more prevalent in 'patients with Parkinson's disease, and point to a potential link with vitamin B12 deficiency and cumulative levodopa exposure."



Very interesting, thanks!

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Bless you, Silvestrov, for the trouble you have taken here.


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