YOU people make me sick......

Well not you people specifically but just people in general, even family. I had a really rough time at the family get together yesterday. Delicate decorations, mixed in with twenty people, real and fake food so pretty you want to taste it all, and to take electricity's example and follow the path of least resistance tied up my back BIG TIME.

As soon as the crowed started to fade I noticed a real change in my back. Yep! it's people.

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  • Whew! What a relief to see someone else have the same reaction. I spent all of yesterday with three kids, their spouses, seven grandchildren ages six months to 11 years, and three dogs. I love them dearly, but it was too much. Plus, they serve red meat, bread, dairy products, sugar products, and processed food, none of which I ever eat, so I don’t feel good for a couple days afterwards. They’re all headed over to our house in a couple hours. Lord, help me get through the day. I’ll be shaking like a leaf all day tomorrow.

  • I don't understand it when I say " I can't stand to be around you right now " people take it personally. Maybe it is my approach.

  • Oh yes, even the dog was really annoying me yesterday so it is not just people.

  • Don't worry the people there could tell you did not want to be there. You should have told your host you felt bad and went home. I have done it several times. You would have felt better and everyone else would have to.

    Feeling like Sh*t just get's the smell on everyone else.

  • What a lovely saying Bailey, I will be sure to use it when coaching some of my recycled teenager Lawn Bowlers.

  • I can't imagine why. They're just so thin-skinned. Really.

  • Yup got it in one, I would think, why not set your own ground rules, its your life, if you find that you are upset by large gatherings then say so, always put the blame on yourself, rather than "you are all upsetting me" think or say "I am allowing the situation to upset me", same ending but two ways of speaking. Be proactive not reactive, all the best for 2018.

    I always enjoy reading your take on life.

  • I love the one on one " lets talk moments " but add extra voices and my brain can't handle it and my body starts tying up in knots. I find I will take a subject and follow it down a rabbit trail but juggle a conversation with more than three and it takes a toll on my body.

  • Pity you are in a different country, you and my son sound like two peas out of the same pod, I would love to see you together, but I would wear ear plugs.

  • Sometimes it's ME who I can't stand to be around! Making matters worse, I have to go and get my bloomers in a bunch when I realize it!

  • I do not have a problem with me but I would love to pull my brain out and smack it around for a while.

  • I guess I look at almost everything as an experiment. I was ready to leave earlier but kept my mouth shut and held out to the very end and could not believe how much better I started feeling as people left.

  • Um. Isn't this just being an introvert? Introverts need their own company to recharge their batteries and if they are meeting friends probably only like to go out with one or two max at a time.

    Of course you don't have the luxury of choosing your relatives.

    If I would hazard a guess I would say Introverts would be way over-represented in the parkinson's sphere.

    But I frankly feel way better if I do spend time with a small number of good friends over a beer or three.

  • It is funny but I had the ability to find out what the family thinks of me and the word judgemental came up. I realize I need and want to share what I am going through. That is when everyone else withdraws.

  • You probably find it physically as well as mentally exhausting dealing with such a large crowd. Mind you it doesn't need to even be a crowd. Its amazing how much better I feel when I am about to be parted from my overbearing mother.

  • It was a perfectly lovely day with loving people but the day was actually painful. For those that saw the interview with M J Fox just substitute muscle movement in the limbs to muscles firing in my back. The only thing I can do is lay on the floor.


  • Part of the reason for that, in my opinion, for us “Parkies” is a problem with apathy. I, too, seem to feel that way, at times. Too many people and disagreements etc. within family holiday gatherings, tension rises, and I feel stuck in the middle sometimes. I used to be extremely outgoing, but with PD the depression, apathy, and anxiety, I’m almost like a different person than I was. I dread family gatherings, where they get into political and religious discussions. Also, many in the family would like to ignore it when family members are ill with chronic ailments, and there is little, if no consideration for what that person’s needs might be. So, since my wife and I both have incurable chronic conditions, we limit the time we spend at holiday gatherings, and just sort of please ourselves. It’s probably best to do it that way, for us.

  • It is a different world right now.

  • I am sorry, and this will rub some here the wrong way but to put yourself into party camps is just plain stupid. All the lies and political agendas are percolating to the top right now. Best to keep ones mouth shut because both sides need a good cleaning.

  • Unless someone can top this, I don't want to hear anymore complaining. I have three children, three children's spouses, their mother and their mother's boyfriend, seven grandchildren age 6 months to 11 years, and three dogs and I'm in charge of grill and the burgers.

  • A crôwd is uncomfortable for us. Ironically,it even Hertz emotionally when they mean well and say supportive things to you because it just will at least I just find it stigmatizing and hurtful I don’t want to complain because I have a disability but the fact is we do and we don’t want to be reminded and the crowding just is a problem that way We have to make up excuses to avoid family get-togethers or get a lot better at sucking it up

  • I'm glad it's over for the year. A lot of work for little reward- visiting brother refusing to speak to visiting sister for unknown reason. Can't be bothered with people's petty games anymore!

    And how come I do around 20 trips to the shops for presents and food etc and only one kid did one trip on Xmas eve for me! Husband did nothing and other kid whipped up some vouchers the night before!

    Oh well. At least I get my cat washed!

    Happy dec 27th everyone.

  • Car. Not cat!!

  • I was about to congratulate you on a clean cat. That would be a feat.

  • I think she'd shread the child!!

  • Glad you cleared that up, ha!

  • I really can not shop anymore. I can run into a store and pick up milk but to actually shop..... sparks start flying out my ears.

  • ME TOO, Serenity!

  • Christmas went OK. Boxing Day not so well.

  • I simply find people exhausting now. I had a quiet Christmas with my son daughter-in-law and grandson and I still was worn out when I got home. That's just the way it is now. My brain doesn't work the way it used to nor does my body.

  • That's nothin!

    Imagine 4 ppl: 2 of which are an 80 yr old Parkie, & me, a 50 yr old Parkie,

    standing shoulder to shoulder,


    around a tiny table near a window with curtains and menorahs all to be lit

    If u know anything about menorahs....

    The stupid candles never fit!

    Lit Candles are dropping from the table to the rug below ....

    I'm trying to save one from falling as I reach across the table putting my sleeve on top of another burning menorah

    Mayhem !

    Bedlam !

  • I like the way you explain about the menorahs. Funny, but not so funny.

  • I'm LOL-ing it up over here, as that about describes every Hanukah whoop-de-do I've ever attended.

  • What is problem

  • people just dont understand what we are going through on a daily basis and the inner demons we battle with especially family

  • YES! When the family hoard of 30 arrived on Christmas Day for 6 hours of overeating and loud frivolity, I became shaky and unsettled. Several times I went to a private area in the house to sit and calm down. I was happy to host them - and happy when they all left. Merry Christmas !!!

  • Maybe we Parkies should start celebrating Festivas. The airing of grievances sounds pretty good right now.

  • Love it!

  • Thanks for posting this clip. I love it. Enjoy your after the holiday times!

  • Hysterical!

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