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Today is Tuesday so I have 3 days left before my surgery. I think my body is trying to tell my mind 2 be very thankful for what it is going to get through the surgery. Movement is difficult today because I am over doing trying to get everything done before Friday. I hope that I will treat the world with kindness and Grace forever as repayment for this gift I am being given. Thank you for all of the kind thoughts that have been expressed to me.

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How exciting. We'll all be thinking good thoughts for you. Stay calm.

TLP (Tender Loving Prayers)


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Off the subject...my neurologist's name is RuthAnn Baird.

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Wishing all the best for you. Can't wait to here of your progress post surgery.

Thanks for the good thoughts!

I had DBS surgery in 2007. It was the best decision I ever made. Good luck.

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Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!! Here I go!!

I have been battery operated for over 5 years and one battery replacement. I would do it all again without question. It has been the single most game changer.... hell, ... life changer in my 12 year PD life of progression. I hope your results are nothing less than the earth shattering normalcy Ive found from my life with modern electronics on board! Godspeed Annmarie!

I love it! Wow! Thanks for posting! 2 days until liftoff!!

Congrats!! I love mine!!!!!

The excitement is building! Thanks!

Great decision to have the surgery, and best of luck! Btw, my grandmother was a Baird . . Maybe we're related.

Maybe! Thanks for the good wishes

Having been a physical therapist for over 30 years I have utilized electric therapy for pain management as well as a healing enhancement.... to a living cell a nano- amp is a powerful therapy to normalize cell membrane transport, the process of cell nutrition.

During the majority of those 30 years I lived in Arizona. Watching the summer monsoons with the lightning shows was a phenomenal display of the electric nature of this planet. It’s integral to life itself.

With DBS as well as cardiac pacemakers we have powerful therapy to enhance the union of life and the electric nature of the universe.... let the force be with you. You will do well.

Thank you for your kind remarks. Very interesting!

I am in the beginning of my way towered the DBS surgery.

I wish you all the best and hope to here from you about it.

Thank you for your good wishes! Keep yourself as healthy as possible and find your good vibes focus and work within it. If I can answer any questions, let me know.


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