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Well I never! Omeprazole and other poisons.

Various members of our community have heartily recommended Steven Gundry's Plant Pareadox. An excellent read and Gundry offers many insights into many conditions including Parkinsons. When discussing it with Blackfeather I admitted that in many ways Id always known that a diet that comprises mucho vegetables and abjures sugar, wheat etc was the way to go, but didn't want too own up to it. After reading this book I'm now ready to take the bull by the horns and commit. But of the many things I learnt from the book was the following. There's a much deeper analysis of the damage done by Protein Pump Inhibitors but I offer the following paragraph. I have been on these drugs on and off for 20? years and have little doubt that this constant ingestion is the fundamental cause of my PD. I have pointed out to GPs that I have become chronically addicted to them and they just shrug their shoulders and say 'well it's better than oesophageal cancer', and then I depart with a prescription and until the next time I try to argue the case. When I've tried withdrawal the acid id terribly painful and even when I have a day juicing the acid is uncomfortable (what sort of stomach reacts violently to green juice? can I have another one plumbed in?!). Anyway, over to the venerable Dr Gundry:

The use of PPIs, such as Prilosec and Nexium, doesn’t just interfere with the proper functioning of your stomach acid. PPIs not only stop stomach acid production, but also can kill off your mitochondria’s ability to produce energy in every cell in the body via their own proton pumps. Remarkably, these PPIs cross the blood-brain barrier and poison your brain’s mitochondria.

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Hi Jeeves19,

Before anyone rushes out to buy a copy of Dr. Gundry's book "The Plant Paradox" based on your praise, I hope they will read this devastating review by T. Colin Campbell, author of "The China Study" and a world-renowned researcher:


A few credible-sounding observations about PPIs in Gundry's book will not compensate for the atrocious defects highlighted by Campbell.


I hear what you’re saying but then someone will counteract Campbell and so it goes on..........But I always had a gut feeling (no pun intended) that PPIs were a villain. Just nice to hear it rationalised by somebody with a medical background.

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I have to agree Gundry is a fraud. I got his book because he allegedly had something to say about Parkinson's. Turns out he claims lectins travel up the vagus nerve to the brain to cause Parkinson's. However the study he cited showed only that lectins penetrated into the nervous system of a tiny flatworm. The study authors went on to speculate about the possibility that lectins travel up the vagus nerve but had no data to show that was the case.

Campbell is extremely thorough in his review and the results are damning. Gundry says some interesting things that may even be true. However he lies so much you cannot trust anything he says.

I agree that PPIs are bad for you. Why not just use some calcium carbonate (i.e. Tums). I do not have GERD, but I use Tums liberally to adjust my pH balance.

Calcium carbonate will keep the acid levels down in your esophagus but will not inhibit your stomach from producing acid.


After clearing out my stomach with antibiotics due to H. Pylori, my indigestion is gone! Man, I wish the GI doctor had tested for H. Pylori eight years ago instead of putting me on Omeprazole (ppi).


Jrg54321, my daughter has had stomach prob for years . And i am currently having abdominal pains and bloating.

Can you tell me what your H pylori symptoms are?

How to get rid of it? I I have read that antibiotics mess up your system. Did this happen to you?

thank you very much


I had burning in my throat after eating just about anything. Gassy, and bm's three to five times a day. Rashes around my waist. The reason I went to the GI doctor was because food was getting stuck in my throat, and I would end up choking until the food was unstuck. He put me on Omeprazole which stopped everything, but after stopping the Omeprazole three months later everything came back worse. For about the year before the antibiotics, I took psyllium mixed with water on waking up in the morning. It kept food from getting stuck so much.

I went to my primary care physician and asked if I could be tested for H. Pylori after reading about it here. He said no problem. It can tested as part of a blood test. He was surprised the GI doctor hadn't tested for it. I tested positive, and the doctor prescribed antibiotics plus Omeprazole. I took it all for two weeks. The burning stopped, bm's went down to one a day although they got much harder and more pebble-like. No more rashes and choking. I am still taking the psyllium to make things in the bathroom easier. I developed irritation down below from the change in consistency, but things are almost normal a month later.

The H. Pylori test can be done via blood, breath or fecal.

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My husband was on PPI's for a couple of decades, but after various side effects started emerging in the news, he finally decided to get off them, which was not easy due to rebound acidity - there was a study done on healthy (no GERD) volunteers who after taking PPI for a period of time (2 weeks if I remember correctly) started experiencing GERD symptoms after discontinuing PPI treatment, so basically, once you start taking them, you are hooked for life.

However, there is a way to get off them which my husband tried by taking famotidine daily for several months and now doesn't take anything except occasionally Raphacholin Forte (Digest RC is the US version of it).

Here is the link to information on how to get off PPI:


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Many thanks. Most appreciated.


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