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Frozen shoulder


I have had frozen shoulder in both my shoulders for about a year now. The right one is due to calcified tendonitis and the left one is due to my short neck making my shoulder roll forward. I was also told my big chest does not help. It is most painful at night but also sometimes during the day if I forget about it and then move it just the wrong way. It happened almost overnight to the point where I thought maybe I broke something or pulled something. Does anybody have any suggestions on any kind of relief? The chiropractor wasn't helping and the exercises don't seem to help. And was I reading correctly that most of you said you developed PD after having frozen shoulder? Thanks for your input

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Find a good orthopedic physical therapist.

JohnSvensk in reply to etterus

Etterus is absolutely correct; a good physio is worth his/her weight in gold! (By the way: I was initially diagnosed with MS, but my physio said that was a load of bovine droppings, and told me to find a second opinion.)

I found that hot cupping works

I had a problem shoulder related to a tremor in my right hand and arm. My body was trying to still the shaking by clamping down on the muscles. Acupuncture helped, and so did Cymbalta. It's actually an anti-depressant, but mitigates nerve pain.

AmyLindy in reply to Beckey

Cortisone injection freed my shoulder AND tremors

AmyLindy in reply to AmyLindy

I am waiting to see how long this relief will last - doing a lot of training w that shoulder in the meantime 🌙

By frozen shoulder do you mean adhesive capsulitis? I found that hydrodilatation helped along with a good musculoskeletal physiotherapist. It lasted for around three years and presaged the most agonising condition I’d ever suffered (involving the brachial plexus) but I was just unlucky. I had had PD for a lot of years when the frozen shoulder started. I was told that it is common in people with PD. I have not heard that it pre-empts PD.

I had frozen shoulder after badly breaking my arm.

I used a thera /elastic band to stregthen arm shoulder area. It took many months but is back to normal now and full movement.

I fastened the band to a door handle. Any good physio should know what im talking about.

All the best. I know how debilitating it can be.

I had a frozen shoulder as a result of PD not before it. Only resolved with correct exercises. Pain reduced after starting medication (Sinemet). Took a while but eventually regained full movement. Continued exercise daily as preventive measure. If you can't find a Neurophysio there are videos on the internet.

I resolved with 2 months intensive stretching...phisio 2yrs later diagnosed at 57male with parkinsons in may 2015

I remember it well, adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder. Very painful left side. I would wake up in the middle of the night if I moved a certain way. I had this condition for maybe a year pre PD diagnosis. Woke up with it one morning completely out of the blue. Resolved after 6-7 months on my own with swimming 3X per week. Definitely a precursor for PD for many.

I grew a plant this year called toothache plant, that we made the flowers and leaves into tinctire and salve. If you can find a product with the toothache plant ( spilanthes acmella) in it to rub on shoulders, it may give you needed relief. This plant is amazing.

kimmers1013 in reply to Fava-1

thank you

pomsmom in reply to Fava-1

hi fava-1! great advice regarding this plant. we live in so. California and if this plant likes tropical climates maybe I can grow it too! I'm going to have my husband search for it, then google how to make a salve - I hope it will work out for me...I've had PD for 2 years (taking azilect only) and had a right frozen shoulder last year and just started with the left one a few weeks ago. very painful. (I found the spilanthes acmella tincture available on amazon but I'd prefer a salve to rub on my shoulder)

Hidden in reply to pomsmom

Magnesium chloride oil (Mag Oil) can be useful for frozen shoulder through it's anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing qualities and in some people can also help to reduce nerve pain. It also allows the magnesium to enter into the body through the skin and can give relief for frozen shoulder beyond what any oral magnesium supplement can do because you are able to reach local tissue levels of magnesium at the injury site that are not possible even at the highest dose of oral magnesium and the chance for diarrhea is greatly reduced with mag oil. The relief for frozen shoulder by mag oil also allows you to do more beneficial stretching of the shoulder which aids in the recovery process.


pomsmom in reply to Hidden

thank you so much Art! I will try that right away along with some gentle stretching (my doc is referring me for physical therapy in a few weeks, right after an appointment for an x-ray and possible cortisone injection - yuck)


you are welcome...hope you can get some relief

I am a little confused. One of the signs my neurologist saw while everyone was trying to figure out what was wrong with me, was that my right arm does not swing at all when I walk. The doctor referred to the symptom as “frozen shoulder”. That led to a number of other tests and a PD diagnosis. My mobility and tremors have largely diminished with Rytary three times a day. This is basically a newer form of extended release Sinemet. The shoulder doesn’t hurt - it just doesn’t swing when I walk! Has anyone else had this? Thanks. From: j7s7h7

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