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Rasagiline (Azilect) costing more in 2018

Just got a notice from Humana, my husband’s drug plan, that the generic rasagiline is moving to a higher pricing tier in 2018! Why would they do this? And does it seem to delay the progression of Parkinson’s like first hoped, or does it help much? He is considering dropping it. He was diagnosed two years ago, with some symptoms going back a couple years before that. He is now 78 yrs old. Tremor dominant type. Doing very well with exercise, etc.

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I used Selegiline for 8 years, at which time I was able to stop taking that medication, which is similar to Azilect (Rasagiline).

Look at my profile on HU and see all the things I have done, which have enabled me to overcome most of my movement problems and I have lived a normal life, free of any Pd medication, since 2002.


What all did you do?

How can I get in touch with you?


Look at my profile and contact me through my website.


Is this the US? If so then the medical industry is completely out of control and is outrageously scamming the entire population. The most egregious examples include:

the $153,000 charge for treating a snake bite.

if you are treated in emergency departments for gunshot wounds received $5,254 in charges, but if they stayed in hospital overnight, charges rose to $95,887 on average.

Outrageous scamming. Frankly you should all march on Washington to get this sorted.

Anyway have you tried Mannitol? Its available for a low price on the internet and as for the medical industry and insurance companies:



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