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Using medical marijuana CBD to combat ET


Was diagnosed with ET possible PD three year ago. The tremors are isolated thus far to the left hand with some rigidity in the left arm. I'm always cognizant of it and do my best to relax. I've researched medical marijuana and am currently using the CBD tincture (this is the non psycho active strain (non-high) versus the THC strain (high element). The ratio of CBD to THC is 20:1. It has helped my tremors significantly taking 7 drops two to three times per day. I work full time and it has no effect on my being able to completely function in a working environment (again this is the non high element (strain). Since i don't like taking prescribed medications (personal preference as i feel they lead to other disorders) I prefer a more holistic/natural intake. I also couple this with more rigorous exercise at least four days per week for one hour each day. If anyone takes cannabis for treatment, i'd like to hear about it.

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How do know how much to take? Until tremors stop? Or what other symptoms? Would like to know if stiffness is reduced as well. Thanks!

RenTim in reply to Springfield78

You could consult with cannabis MD (if you have a wellness center nearby). I started on the lowest dose CBD 20/ THC 1 ratio. Started with 3 drops twice a day and increased to 7 drops three times a day. Basically monitoring the tremors and rigidity. I will be increasing my THC in small increments to see how that goes. I'll look into Woolysock's ratio too.

I take 3:1 CBD:THC about 1/4 dropper once a day. And in the evening I vape some high CBD med pot. Reduces left hand tremor and keeps me in a better mood 😎


Where do u get your cbd i would like ro try it

I would like to try it. Where can i purchase the cbd that you are taking? Thank u

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