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Hi friends

I am so tired of being sick with pd

I am tired of the whole thing

I feel don’t have a normal life

How do I get back to normal

Thank you for listening


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Welcome to the new normal! Forget who and what you used to be, this is the stumbling, bumbling you. There’s nothing you can do to change it back all that’s left is improvise, adapt, overcome. Welcome to my world!

Teafor22 in reply to smswv

Oh what do you mean?

Accept the new normal, force yourself to exercise, be grateful for what is good in your life, seek support, trust in the Energy of the universe in whatever form makes sense to you, and be kind to everyone.

Yes, life will be different now. Once you’ve accepted that, you will able to move on. We all have our good and bad days. Join an exercise group if you can. I do Rock Steady boxing. There are people there in all stages of PD. You will encourage each other and have fun. Yes, fun! I didn’t think I would enjoy it and now I miss it when I can’t go. I wish the best for you,

I can certainly understand your frustration. All of the replies here are solid advice and my only additional recommendation is to focus on living in the moment. I find that my impatience with the difficulty of everyday tasks is reduced when I am focused outward, particularly on other people. Although I am capable of doing a small fraction of what I did prior to Parkinson's disease I try to do the things I can do as well as I can and give them my full attention. I also recognized early on that the world around me will not notice or care that I have Parkinson's disease and I will have to make accommodations to my surroundings. The hardest part is tempering your expectations to align them more with your actual situation. This does not mean giving up or not pushing yourself but not punishing yourself for things you could previously do that are no longer possible. You are certainly not wrong for feeling this way and each of us has different experiences but I have found it is not worth beating yourself up over the limitations Parkinson's disease imposes.

MBAnderson in reply to Pauldmd

very well said.

Learn to love the new you.... be kind to your self. We are still beautiful 🙂

Three things to focus on:

It’s not your fault.

You have choices.

You can do this.

Let the rest go.

Teafor22 in reply to NanCyclist

Hi. Days I feel awful. Some days good I want to feel good. I walk 30 minutes a day. My feelings are all over the place. My feelings make me feel a different Dot

Tired of it

How do I let go of the bad

Ty. Dot

ddmagee1 in reply to Teafor22

Teafor22 So sorry to hear that. Many times I feel that way. Part of Neuro-degeneration ( PD) for some people, is depression and apathy and anxiety, which makes one feel bad, along with the physical motor and, perhaps, autonomic system symptoms. It is not easy, for sure. Outwardly, we may look somewhat like everybody else, but inside is a different story. I would hope that an understanding neurologist, movement disorders specialist and/or other professional medical Doctor, would be able to help you in understanding why you feel the way you do, and then be able to help you with medicine and/ or therapy. Exercise does help with releasing dopamine, so that is a good thing. I would recommend seeing a medical professional specialist, for help with this. Others, in this forum, who have experienced similar issues are, of course, helpful in their communication on how they cope with living with PD. Importantly, please remember, you may have PD, but don’t let it get you down. Keep fighting and focus on what you are able to do, not on what you may have lost or have great difficulty with, that can make you feel awful. Wishing you only the best.

Are you taking any medication? I think you should feel better than this so early after diagnosis.

Welcome to the new normal! Forget who and what you used to be, what you used to do, this is the stumbling, bumbling you. There’s nothing you can do to change it back, all that’s left is improvise, adapt, overcome. But in the end there is no overcome, there comes a point where the drugs they gave you won’t mask the symptoms. There is no cure, a situation I have come to except. All there is left is waiting to see what will happen next. I write these little warnings to the people who will follow me on this adventure of life. I hope you will find peace of mind when you finally accept this as your final demise. Welcome to my world!

ddmagee1 in reply to smswv

Looks like you are past the first couple stages of PD.

Is that good

Hi Dot. You are not alone in this situation.

These are the FACTS!

1. There is no CURE for Pd.

2. None of the medications currently available, other than possibly MAO-b inhibitors, do anything to slow down or reverse the symptoms of Pd.

3. Only certain types of exercise have been shown to affect the progression of Pd.

4. If you don't believe that exercise helps us to deal with Pd then you can only continue to take the currently available medication and watch yourself slowly get worse.

5. If you are prepared to do exercise but don't think you are capable of doing any exercise then, unless you have some other health problems that prevent you from exercising, then you should be able to start exercising and start to slowly feel better instead of continuing to get worse.

Look at my profile and contact me and I will help you to start getting better. I do not charge you for giving this advice, but you have to be prepared to put in the work to start feeling better.

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