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CBDs trying to make some sense


The cbd from hemp is the same cbd from marijuana. So lets say that cbd isolate is the all BEEF PATTY. Now for the SPECIAL SAUCE, LETTUCE, CHEESE, PICKLES, ONION, SESAME SEED BUN. ( CBN, CBC, CBD, CBG ) Now if you wanted to season that patty you can introduce Terpenes. What about THC- THCA- THCV- ? THAT is the extra large, double malted chocolate shake.

Hopefully this makes some sense.

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OK I post this and then spend an hour and a half listening to the President saying we need a non addictive pain killer.

That banging you hear is me pounding my head against a wall.



I feel your pain

P.S. I still do not know what it feels like to be high just pain free. (for the most part)



According to yesterday's episode 6 interview in "The Sacred Plant" docuseries, the cbd from hemp is somewhat different than cbd from cannabis. This episode is still playing today until 9pm if I remember correctly.

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