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Gord Downie

If you are not in Canada you will not know what I am talking about. That's ok. If you are in Canada , you will. The difference that matters. In reality, geographically, I am just down the road from Bobcaygeon . In Canada , together in thought, we are all just down the road. Oh to be in Kingston. Rest in peace Gord. Thanks for the memories. They are talking about a state funeral , imagine.

Thn it was their turn and the audience sang and cried all across the country

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To elaborate (he was a classy guy):


And so are you my friend.


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Thanks for posting this. I have a friend that was really impacted by this band in his 20s. He is in deep mourning now. Peace Gord...I hope you are singing to the angels! The measure of a life to me is how much you positively impact other humans (and other living things) while on this earth. It looks like Gord had a life well-lived.


RIP..let your soul be free and at peace


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