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(Re-posting as a new topic for all who are interested in learning about Dr Hinz's Amino Acid Protocol.)

Here are some links you might find helpful in your research on Amino Acid Therapy. By the way, amino acid therapy is used for a whole bunch of other conditions as well as PD! Marty Hinz's company they can help you find a Dr that knows the protocol. a great overview of the protocol here. a little light reading. If you can read this and understand it, I applaud you. You would make a great doctor. I studied it and its great!

neurosupport.files.wordpres... more light reading. scroll down for 22 articles of light reading. you will be the equivalent of a PhD when you finish them all.

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  • A couple more sites people may find helpful question the competence and credibility of Hinz and his dubious protocol: "the board has taken several disciplinary actions against (Hinz], starting in 1996 when it suspended his license after he was hospitalized in Duluth for bipolar disorder with sleep deprivation. Later actions show continued concern over his ability to practice. It suspended his license again in 2001 after a skills audit 'identified concerns with [his] medical knowledge, prescribing practices, competency, and recordkeeping,' but stayed the suspension contingent on his full compliance with the terms, provisions and deadlines set by the board. The license was reinstated in 2005." Source:

    And comments by Michael S. Okun MD (bestselling author of '10 Breakthrough Therapies for PD'): "We cannot confirm the accuracy or substantiate these claims... we are concerned about the suggestion that people should come off of this medication and move to medications that may place them at risk for falls and worsening PD symptoms which could lead to worse outcomes." Source:

  • I agree. I always said it was a scam but no one would believe me. Nice work.

  • Hi PDConscience and rhenry45, Not so fast, please! My own positive 2-year experience with the protocol convinces me that it is NOT a scam. It works for me. And I doubt that this is a placebo effect, because the latter usually wears off, I've heard, in a few months; nor am I very suggestible.

    If any one on this forum has had a disappointing experience with the protocol, that may simply trace to the incompetence of their provider, or other chance factors.

    I am not swayed by Dr. Okun's opinion, because I doubt he has studied the protocol, or its patient-recipients, enough in depth to make a sound judgement.

    Full disclosure: I have no connection with Dr. Hinz, his associates, or his supplement company, CHK Nutrition, nor any other ulterior motive for defending him.

  • The magic question is... how do you define "positive experience"? And where is the 'control' (the untreated version of yourself by which you measure and conclude your "positive" vs negative outcome)? As many years as Hinz' amino acid therapy has been hyped, genuine success would garner more than an occassional anecdotal murmur.

  • What I mean by "positive experience" is that for 2-3 hours, I am completely relieved of my PD symptoms (tremor, and achiness in my affected side). As I have said before, the symptomatic relief is as good as that provided by Sinemet. My evil twin, the shaking hobbledehoy I become when the meds wear off, is my "control."

  • Hi Dumpelkin, When you started the protocol, was your memory affected at all as a side effect? My mom is not nauseous, but does feel a bit more forgetful.



  • Sarah, No, it was not affected at all. Before, my memory was mediocre, and after, it was still mediocre.

  • Which product is recommended?

  • Neuro replete, cysreplete, and mucuna

  • Hi Bass, When you started the protocol, was your memory affected at all as a side effect? My mom is not nauseous, but does feel a bit more forgetful.



  • Sarah, my memory was not adversely affected, but rather i got sharper

  • Hi bassofspades.

    I've been following you for some time and I resonate with everything you say!

    My problem is that there is only one doctor here in Australia approx. 6 hours away who knows the Dr Hinz's Amino Acid Protocol, and he isn't taking new patients.

    I'm wanting to start my husband on Mannitol and I have been searching your past posts and can't find the brand that you are using (it may be because other PwP's get 'shot down' when a brand is recommended, who knows) Also, where do you get it from, and the dosage please?

    I guess I'm crazy for trying to do this myself, but what else can I do? We're not wanting to go the pharmaceutical way (although my husband did start on Neupro patches and he no longer has vivid nightmares, at this stage) His neuro wants him to start on Azilect, a MAO-b inhibitor. We had the prescription filled, read all about it, so there it sits on the bench!! Azilect contains also contains mannitol! Hmmmm... Would it have mannitol to help the rasagiline cross the BBB? Or maybe its the mannitol doing the work in the brain, but big pharma can't make a profit on a natural sweetener so they put a drug with it??

    We are under a naturopath, and my husband takes liposomal glutathione, B6, fish oil, vitamin C, bioavailable curcumin, magnesium, zinc and CoQ10. I asked him about NAC, so as he is a compounding chemist as well, he has added that to the multi vitamin capsule.

    If you have time to reply to this, I'd really appreciate it if you can help me out.


  • I usually dont post brand names because I dont want my supply to run out or increase in price! But for you,I get my mannitol on bulk supplements brand. I take 1 tbsp per day, I'd take 2 if i could but it gives me gas. As for the amino acid protocol, its hard to mess around and do it on your own. But basically, you take 2 neuro replete, 6 nac cyst replete per day, divided doses, and vary the amount of mucuna till you get the desired effect. You can look up whats in neuro replete and cyst replete. There are 2 drs in the usa who skype consult on this. One is Dr Chad Oler, the other Dr Ron Cargolli. They charge about $3000 usd per year including drugs and consults. May be your best shot. ?

  • My brother who is a PhD in biochemistry tells me that some medications contain Mannitol to prevent proteins from clumping. The amount in a Rasagline capsule would not be enough to do squat, and furthermore, I have read that very little mannitol makes it across the BBB. If it did, it would work much better, I am sure.

    I want to add t hat I commend you on being so supportive to your husband. He really needs this from you. I dont get much support from my family. They actually dont understand but complain when I am miserable, slow or aching and think Im a hypochondriac and lazy. Even though I work overtime every week and take on-call in the night, cook, do the yardwork and the shopping, etc. I tell them If they were in my shoes for 20 minutes theyd be so freaked out it would make them crap their pants!

  • Thank you so much for all the information and everything you do to help all of us just starting out on our journey. Please know that you are appreciated!

    Thanks also for the contacts of the two doctors. I might keep trying to get into the doctor here for the time being as it would just seem easier at this stage, but I've noted your two contacts.

    Unfortunately your contact for mannitol is restricted for sale in Australia :( I might be able to get it through Hopefully it is a reputable company and the product is good.

    Your family complain when you're not well? How does that work? I seriously don't know how you do everything you do! Sounds like you need a holiday down-under and let them all fend for themselves! :)

  • Its because my symptoms dont show on the outside. Im not sitting there trembling because i have that under control. But i still get exhausted all the time, i am slow and stiff, sore all over and my voice is very soft. Today they were getting on my case because "I mumble when I speak" , i got so mad i mumbled "f- you" and they sure heard that!

  • Haha that's so funny!

    My husband also tires easily, is slow and has stiffness. He finds he isn't as sore the more he walks and swims, which he does daily. But his voice is quiet (always has been) and I tell him I think that I'm going deaf as I'm finding it harder to hear him.

    I think you should tell your family that the latest research from Australia (my home anyway!) suggests that Pd is a genetic disease with a 50% chance of inheriting it, see if that gets their attention :)

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