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I started on changing my diet to only organic food just about a week ago and i feel better in every way so far. Not cured but certainly noticeable improvements! Anybody else have experience with this? I was going to try for a month but i already made up my mind. Im just going to stay on it indefinitely. Only drawback is the cost of organic food is much greater.

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  • Did you basically eat the same foods, but went organic, or are you eating different foods?

  • Yes the same foods

  • Just a side note, i eat a paleo type diet.

  • We are "dabbling" in the paleo type diet. We are cutting out carbs which is HUGE for us. Also my husband needs to loose some weight so it's a two fold diet.

  • Cheaper in farmers' markets than at stores, I find.

  • Some foods are much worse than others as far as chemical residue. I check the EWG's list that rates fruits and veggies and based on that will buy some items conventional and others organic. Google "Dirty Dozen Clean Fifteen".

  • Interesting going through the dirty dozen based on what I grow:


    - yup apples very susceptible to moth larvae, so you can imagine these would be sprayed.


    - not sure but potentially. I grow celeriac which seemed mostly pest free without stuff.


    - quite hardy and not really a top target for pests so I wouldn't bother with organic.


    - grow so quickly I can't see these having a massive pest issue


    - yup long growing period. Earwigs love em. No doubt lots of spray used


    -- yes I would think lots of spray


    -- same as Nectarines


    -- so quick to grow, but are susceptible to various root boring insects. I wouldn't be that


    -- not sure but avoid


    -- outdoor fruit so probably sprayed. Biggest problem in the UK is slugs and blackbirds. Quite quick growing though.


    -- birds mostly get these. but outdoor fruit, so probably will be sprayed

    Sweet Bell Peppers -- not really attacked much in my opinion.

    So the worst are the slow growing outdoor fruits. But I guess you should always wash your fruit and veggies to get the worst of the residue off.

    The other problem is the amount of hormones and antibiotics injected into animals

  • Every time you eat produce with pesticides, you are re-poisioning your body. Makes sense you will feel better, just from the reduction in pesticides. Keep it up!

  • Yes! Unloading the toxic burden.

  • Nutrition is very helpful regarding nutrition. My husband is in year 3 with no change in Parkinsons meds, and he no longer needs any meds for heart (quadruple bypass in 2007). Also google Dr Greger's Daily Dozen" for a daily nutrition checklist. Yes to organic, but double yes to whole plant/based fuel for our bodies!!

  • All I know is Im on this diet 2 weeks and havent had an off day since. In another post, I discussed a 23 day cycle that all PD patients are supposedly linked to, where you're up high one day then by 11 days later you're down low and so forth. Ive been up high for 14 days and no indication of sliding back down. The only thing Im doing different is eating organic, and not even 100%. Sometimes its so busy at work, we dont get a lunch break. The manager bought a bunch of fried chicken tenders and potatoes. Had no choice, either that or starve. Same thing yesterday, they got us Pizza Hut. Gross, but it was that or nothing.

    Try going organic and see how you feel!

  • I feel that if you have a fruit or vegetable that the skin gets peeled or like a pineapple doesn't have to be organic. I also found in Consumer's Report a list of fruits/vegetables that can be non-organic IF they come from certain countries. It was really eye opening some items IF they came from USA non-organic were full of pesticides. Check it out,

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