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Hello - My Se;f-Introductuion

Hello - My Se;f-Introductuion

Nice People, my name is Harry, I'm a retired physicist/software engineer. I'll be 80 next March 31st (God Willing). I'm a widower with 3 wonderful raised children (who are married and moved ("out-of-the-nest") so I live alone. After 52 years of married bliss, living alone becomes lonely , particularly since we shared true love.

Unfortunately, although my brain still fun,functions as if it is 18 or 20, my physical body can no longer carry-out the brain's demands. Welcome to the Golden Years (Some readers can relate to this.)

My health has become what doctors like to term "GUARDED" . During some the past 20 years: I h;ve had my right ankle restructured as the result of a tri-malalear (sp?) fracture; my left leg augmented with a titanium rod as the result of a broken leg; had 14-inches of colon removed and the balance resectioned; been diagnosed with A-fib and resulting congestive heart failure; been diagnosed as having a cerebral/cerebellar stroke resulting in permanent ataxia so I walk with a stagger, pus lack fine control of my hands) ; 3 separate hernia surguries; two cataract lens replacements, and two-years ago, my gall bladder needed to be surgically removed.

Minor current health issues include: Deafness in mt left ear, partial loss of hearing in my right ear; also I visited my opthalomogist brcause of visual problems dealin with glare (prob;ems reading text on backlit (Microsoft Syle) computer screens. (For me, light blue letters on a gray or white background id unreadable and stupid programming. [I reset all my text screen displays to green letters on a black background -- [This is as close to the old CRTs with P1 phosphors, as employed by the military during WWII So that they\ could still be read with blood streaming into their eyes]

We guys approaching 80 have a very low tolerance for ignorance and/or stupidity. It's a common Golden Years characteristics that explains why young, inexperienced managers generally hire only people younger (and correspondingly less informed) than themselves.

Some of my past accomplishments include the following. I'm proud of some of these, but today ashamed for being a key contributor to the success of others. You can decide which is which. As a co-op student working for the Princeton Physics Department, I calculated all of the tune-up parameters that led to initial operation of the Princeton-Prnnsylvania 3-Gev Proton Synchrotron particle accelerator (A forerunner of CERNS current LHC Machine.

At Eastman Kodak, I contributed to LUNAR ORBITER. on the desingn and testing of its V/H SENSOR subsystem, a subsystem that determines Image motion in the film plane, then compensates for that motion. integration, and testing.

Working for General Railway Signal Company, I managed the design, implementation integration and testing of the Central Control and Supervisory System for the Washington Metro (WMATA) underground rapid stransitystem On completion of thr Washington Metro, I was reassigned to perform the identical role pn the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Twansit System (MARTA) and on successful completion was named to the position of Manager of Systems Engineering for all GRS system projects.

Moving to RAYTHEON Company, I was assigned to take over management of the OIDT program. OIDT was the Mission Planning and Launch Control Console for the United States Navy Sea Launched Tomahawk Cruise Missile System. On completion of OIDT. I was reassigned to work on the Laser Doppler Wind Velocimeter subsystem of the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS); Other Raytheon project assignments included the Birdwell petroleum well logger and an automatic cardiac x-ray system for a Raytheon subsidiary.

Since retiring from Raytheon in 1992 I have continued to perform consulting (job shop contracting) for both Raytheon and the U.S, Navy. Unfortunelyly, calls are becoming less common these days. Not much demand for a high-technology point man nearing his 80s, I guess. ;-) Not many calls from Life Insurance Salesmen either.




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Hi Harry! Glad to knoq you. Do you count PD among your health issues?


Hi Beckey, thanks for your greeting.

Beckey, I was initially diagnosed with PD, but after my MRI brain scan the diagnosed to ataxia resulting from a stroke.



Welcome Harry !!


Welcome Harry! Yes, I know all about this “older people’s Syndrome”. Like you, I’ve had a few medical problems, like severe acute pancreatitis and gall bladder removal, Cerebellar Ataxia, due to an arterial malformation in my brain, severe arthritis, compression fracture-L-3/back, Post Polio Syndrome, and now, neuro-degenerative disease that is incurable. I thought I accomplished a lot, in my career, too. Now that’s all over, and I enjoy music and grandkids. We are a supportive forum and I hope you enjoy communicating this way.

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Thanks for sharing. Like me you must grind secretly and knowingly when you hear someone mention "The Golden Years." ;-)

Just as information: like you, I enjoy music. If you aren't familiar already, look into "medici.tv", although the service is pricey ($19.00 per month.) It's all classical. They have concerts (real orchestras and world class solo performers, not pop stars), operas, and ballets. I also enjoy Broadway Shows and the musical stage, My favoriter Broadway musicals are "Annie Get Your Gun", "Showboat" plus (of course) "Les Miserable" and "Phantom".

Seems like, at least in the USA, real music vanished after about the 1980s. Pity!

I have a wonderful 7 year-old grandson, a love of my life, but unfortunately he lives with his Father in Texas, so i don't get to spend as much time with him as I would like. I live alone in the home that my beloved wife and I once shared.

Take care, and try to enjoy "The Golden Years". <Wink!>



Hello again, Harry, Yes, I listen to “Medici.tv all the time. I am a trained classical musician, so I enjoy the soloists, orchestras, operas and ballets. Also, like you, my favorite broadway shows are “Phantom” and “Les Miserables”. “Annie Get Your Gun”, “ Carousel”, “South Pacific”, and “Oklahoma” are 4 of the older musicals I like. Yes, in the USA, real music did seem to vanish, about the 1980’s, and it really is a pity! I have 3 grandkids and my daughter and son-in-law live in the same town we live in. My two granddaughters are in college. My grandson is a junior in high school. He goes to tech. School and is learning the electrical trade. Also, he plays football, hockey, and baseball, so my wife and I go to most of his games! Nice communicating with you! Wish you could be closer to your grandson. My grandson means the world to me, too! Take care and welcome to this forum!!


I really would like to see you add groups focused on (1) stroke, (2) ataxia and (3) general geriactrics.



Hi Harry, glad you are here.

In regard to your above comment, we already have groups focused on Stroke, Ataxia and Geriatrics here at Health Unlocked. At the top of this page beside your name Click on "My Communities" then click on "Browse" Ataxia is the last one listed in the A group.

Enjoy your time


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