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Dr. Frank Shallenberger's newsletter on Parkinson's

In addition to taking sinemet and mucuna he is recommending 1,500 milligrams of l-cysteine, says you can get this online with 1 scoop of super immune QuickStart and one capsule of complete daily oils twice a day the number that he is providing is 800 791 3395. Second, he says take 3 capsules of melatonin Max before bed every night. You can get melatonin Max at www. Perfect vitamin products.com

The Melatonin that he is referring to is 60 mg per night. I am just repeating what he wrote, I have not tried it myself in that kind of a dosage. Also I have not tried that amount of l-cysteine either. If you decide to do it please use your own judgement.

He said that can actually stop the progression of Parkinson's. He said if you would start this when you were first diagnosed it would be so much better.


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Some other recommendations of Dr. Shallenberger's have helped me for other medical problems. I have not seen fit to take him up on this one although I do take N-acetyl cysteine which is a related compound and has been shown to be helpful for PD. Be aware that the melatonin can cause a gassy diarrhea.

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Hi, he also recommends NAC. I think I mentioned that I went to see a neurologist I am up to two and a half CR sinemet. I guess I'm going to get up to 3 pills a day 25/100. So far I think I'm feeling a little bit better I have not encountered any problems. I know that you take CR sinemet and you spoke highly of that preparation. I was going to mention it to the doctor and he's the one that suggested it. My schedule is 6 am, 11:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Mary


so, Sinemet,, Mucuna, & l-cysteine will stop the progression? really? I take all three and it hasn't stop my progression. 60 mg of melatonin? The VA doctor just told me today three milligrams is fine.

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