My father is 55 years old he suffering from parkinson from last 5 years he was on sinemet for 4 years then he add kamadrin with now he is taking both but now both or not work anymore his left side is too slow in movement can anyone suggest any other pills bettr then sinemet and kemadrin

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  • See my posts regarding B1 vit

  • vitamin B1 in PD?

  • The English spelling seems to be: Kemadrin.

    Wiki describes the drug as, "Procyclidine is an anticholinergic drug

    principally used for the treatment of drug-induced parkinsonism,

    akathisia and acute dystonia; Parkinson disease; and idiopathic or

    secondary dystonia".

    See also:

    Perhaps your father's physician(s) could look to medications that address norepinephrine deficiency. Some listmates like amantadine (I do), but many listmates have reported adverse reactions. Not easy options.

  • Requip and Sinemet (3 25/100 6 times a day 24/7 and 2 6 mg of Requip) together work for me. I do not have tremor.

    What dose does he take.

  • Thanks bailey

    i add requip to my father dose it realy works

  • I would suggest a re-evaluation by a movement disorders specialist.

  • I agree please go back to you’re Specialist

  • I am having the same problem where my pills atr not working very much I see my doctor in November and I am anxious as to what we can do I willl let you know


  • requip worked for a few years, but the reactions to the drug got to be worse than what it was helping. weight gain, swelling and mental changes including cumpulsive behavior uncharactoristic to my normal (whatever that was)

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