Don’t wanna exercise some days

Don’t wanna exercise some days

I’m finding that it takes a day to several days to get beck into my exercise regimen after what is really no big deal pre PD. Examples are jet lag, doing too much social stuff on the weekend, a cold, etc. Recently I had a terrible reaction to the senior high dose flu shot. That night everything hurt, and I was sub par for the next two days. I tend to obsess about being truant from my obligations as I’m supposed to do my BIG exercises twice daily or once if I take a class like Zumba, yoga, etc.

Is it OK to take a break occasionally and how do I avoid the guilt? I’m trying so hard to delay the disease. I feel great most days and know that three years post diagnosis I’m truly blessed.

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  • I feel similarly after those activities you mention. I just listen to my body and don't overdo it compared to pre diagnosis. As far as flu shots I totally skip them.

  • I never had a reaction to the shot before. I wonder if it’s really effective.

  • What is Pre- PD ?

    Who diagnosed it ?

    Do you take medication for it ?

  • I meant before I was officially diagnosed, but had symptoms for several years. Diagnosed initially by a physiatrist who Treated me for arthritis in my knee, referred me to a Movement Disorder Specialist. saw him in June, 2015 who diagnosed me, followed by a DAT scan and brain MRI to confirm. I’ve been on Azilect since then and started Sinemet 25/100 three times daily three months ago. The Sinemet has helped tremendously giving me the energy to exercise, most days.

  • Your choice, bike seat or wheelchair seat.

  • True!

  • flu vaccines contain mercury (a major neurotoxin). next year try homeopathic oscillococcinum once a month during flu season. very inexpensive and no side effects.

  • Do not agree


    just for balance (and safety!)

  • The issue with flu vaccine is that it increases inflammation. Unless you’re not in a risk group, I find that it’s better to skip them and take my chance. Emphasize on hygiene, natural remedies for boosting the immune system etc.

    The spray flu vaccines are the worst as they are dispensed close to the brain. My ex-MD insisted they are better only to hear that they pulled them out of circulation few years later.

  • do not agree

  • Your body, your health, your choice.

    If your doctor is not telling you this . Change doctors.

  • I have been exercising 5 days per week; I do fast walking for 2 miles, ride a stationary bike for 30minutes , lift weights and do some back exercises for 30 minutes on the mat. I tried boxing but it didn’t agree with my back issues. I am 57. I, too obsess if I miss a day. The problem I have is the exercise,although it lifts my mood, leaves me exhausted and unmotivated to do much the rest of the day. I am now experimenting with different times of the day .

  • That is me! Exercise all morning, eat a good lunch, then lie around all afternoon until I get motivated to do my BIG exercises. Sometimes I skip them or do half. When I feel up to it, I head back to the gym for a gentle yoga class after a light dinner. I love this group for keeping me motivated, thanks for sharing.

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