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Early weight loss and bowel problems?

This is my first post. Trying to keep the story short - I was diagnosed 3 months ago by a neurologist (not a Parkinsons specialist though) and have now been referred to the proper Parkinsons Clinic and Nurses. Will be seeing them in a few weeks' time. In the meantime, have been on Madopar since being diagnosed, now on 100/25 three times a day. The main symptom that took me to the neurologist was an obvious resting tremor in my left hand that started about 5 months ago. Before that, for maybe a year, I had an occasional shakiness in my shoulder and arm, and possibly altered gait (though not very obvious), and problems with episodes of diarrhoea. I didn't pay much attention to any of those previous possible symptoms. Recently the diarrhoea/frequent loose stools has been more noticeable, and I've also realised that I have lost weight. I don't know how long the weight loss has been going on, as am not in the habit of weighing myself. The neurologist I saw said that the bowel problems and weight loss would not be connected with the Parkinsons and I must follow that up separately. I am doing that now, and will soon have various tests/scans to see if there's any serious condition going on there. But I wonder if the neurologist was right that there is no connection between Parkinsons and these bowel/weight loss problems? I wonder if the Madopar might have affected this. Does anyone have any experience of this?

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Diarrhea is not a usual PD symptom. Are you taking melatonin by any chance? That can cause it.


Thanks for reply - no I don't take melatonin.


Usually it's the opposite, PD and constipation are associated

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I lost 30 pounds since pd diagnosis 20012


Thanks for reply. I am already underweight and have osteoporosis, so can't afford to lose much weight now. Must have lost about 10-11 pounds, though can't be sure exactly. Will have to invest in some digital scales!


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